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I awoke one day and thought that all life was pain

Tropers have the photography skills of a 4th grader

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Look at that image. It's horrendous. Does that look like that kind of picture that would make you want to listen to their podcast? SPOILERS: The answer is no.

First of all, the picture quality. It's shit. My goddamn cellphone has better quality than this piece of garbage. Even the shitty photoshop on the right has better quality than the rest of the image. This is shit tier.

Speaking of the photoshop, the copy-paste on the right is shit. His damn torso is pasted over the staircase. This wouldn't be as big a problem they made it look like he was coming up the stairs; however, whoever was in charge of pasting him in the pic decided to cut off his goddamn legs and made zero effort to hide it. Not that it'd help because of how terribly cut out the bastard is. You can clearly see edges black background left over. LOOK AT HIS FUCKING NECK.

The entire backdrop of the image is terribly done. The lighting is bloody terrible with the light shining in nothing except the top-left corner. You're supposed to take photos in a well-lit room, not dark and crowded staircase. It's so crowded that most of the (non-copy-pasted) dude on the right is blocked by the staircase. And look at that random cable to the left. Also, notice the lamp and the edge of the wall? They had plenty more room away from the stairs, but they were too lazy to move that goddamn cable.

The names on top is terribly done default font garbage and the arrows are completely moronic. Anyone with common sense would realize that the names belong to the people right underneath them. And they're horrible looking cartoonish arrows at that, so their only purpose is to insult your intelligence by assuming that you're too dumb to realize which name belongs to who.

For a comparison, here is a photo that I took of my Transformers. (I don't have 5 different friends to photo just to make fun of TV Tropes)

My camera isn't shit quality so you can clearly see what's in the image without a million pieces of noise flying everywhere. Take note of how I have nothing in the foreground except my damn toys. The text I used is far more legible and isn't floating fifty miles away from the thing they're supposed to be attached to. This image took me 10 minutes in total to make in Paint.NET. There's absolutely no reason why 5 different people couldn't make their image better than mine.
Final verdict: F-

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  1. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Who needs friends when you have Transformers?
    And wow. How did they think that photo would cut it? Unless it was MEANT to be bad.
  2. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    The TVTropes photo isn't showing up.
    Editing- Never mind, I saw the link...WHERE ARE THEMOS'S LEGS??! O___O


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