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Fun with One Direction

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Remember how I posted that little rant on Zayn Malik? Well, now I'm going to make fun of ALL of One Direction with this rant!

We all know that 12-year-old girls are like "ooh One Direction is da best band EVAH! Dey are SO KEWL!" and "OMG Zayn is so hawt!" and "I thinks Niiall is so kewt. When I see him its like I got an erection only im a girl so I didn't get one u sicko!"

Well, as you might have it, One Direction are the biggest pricks this side of England. They are incredibly rude to their fans and to everyone else. So I decided to have fun with them?

Here are some pictures that really describe the nutjobs themselves:

Niall looking stupid: (The scary thing is, he looks exactly like this kid with Tourette's who sits next to me in health class.)

Self-hating Brits: (Oh, so you judge your fangirls by their looks?)

Ugh, the idea that Louis Tomlinson would compare himself to ROYALTY?:

Niall loves polyglots: (Parlez vous baleine?)

Harry doesn't speak stupid: (Actually, he does.)

This is what One Direction's true forms look like:





Niall: (or maybe the Pamela Anderson image below might fit, since I think Niall is probably a girl.)

More fun to come in a few days.
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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    Ugh, the idea that Louis Tomlinson would compare himself to ROYALTY?
    Are you sure that was him and not a fan doing that? Need a little more than a tumblr image you know, an interview where he'd say that. Not really defending him, but if you're going to make that claim, have more substantive proof.
  2. Metan's Avatar
    Poor Joffrey. What have he done to be insulted like this? :T
  3. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Don't worry, we'll be rid of them if when they finally go through puberty.

    (to be honest, I have no clue what they even look like, nor have I heard any of their music before, so I am just assuming that they still haven't gone though puberty)

  4. CrackFox's Avatar
    As Mickey Mouse once said:

    "Where would you be without me, Jonas Brothers? Ha-ha. Your music sucks and you know it! Ha-ha! It's because you make little girls' ginies tickle...and when little girls' ginies tickle, I make money."
  5. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Wow, Mickey Mouse is a dirty old bastard when he's away from the camera.
  6. Baby Seals's Avatar
    LOL great job!

    I just finished a picture of the One Direction retards as girls. Niall is wearing Geri Halliwell's iconic Union Jack dress. And yes, her underwear is sticking out.


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