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It looks like Microsoft might be the new Sega. So if it does drop out, that leaves Nintendo and Sony. One will create something innovative and new, and the other will rip it off but still get decent sales because the other is considered too "casual."

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  1. Baf's Avatar
    Microsoft aren't going anywhere. The Xbox and Dreamcast are completely different consoles with different issues.

    The Dreamcast failed because it was under supported, most notably by EA, lacked features the PS2 debuted with, i.e. DVD drive, online play, Sega's previous consoles were not warmly received and bad publicty with its past consoles.

    The Xbox One on the other hand does have the support of bug developers, it's predecessors were hugely successful and is using current hardware to keep toe to toe with the PS4.

    The Wii U is in the worst position out of the three next gen consoles. The Wii U is underpowered in every regard when comparing to the One and PS4. It will grow to be successful, probably not topping the rapid success of the Wii. EA dropping support for it won't kill it because Nintendo still makes a bunch of high quality games.

    The PS4 and One will use technology that debuted with the Wii U, it's a safe way to know if the technology is consistent with what gamers want, I.e gamers falling their body round as the controller. Just because the Wii has been the first with new bell and whistles dosent mean they ring the loudest, the Xbox One and PS4 have time to improve on the technology before final sales, whereas the Wii U's hardware is going to be the same for the next while, with an improved version released to try and compete with with the other two.
  2. Eleven's Avatar
    The new Sega... That statement disgusts me.
  3. SquishyFace's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stahl
    The new Sega... That statement disgusts me.
    I agree, their games have been pretty damn good from what I've heard, and I'm hoping to finally get Sonic Generations for my birthday, (personally, I see Sonic 06 as a blessing, since it taught Sega and basically EVERY game company the things that you shouldn't try with a videogame).
  4. Gaga's Avatar
    Xbox One is a sad preview of the gaming industry to come. Requiring daily internet checks? Added fee for used games? Games are tied to profiles instead of consoles? That shitty abomination known as Kinect is now mandatory and always on?
    Nope, not dealing with that.

    I have a WiiU and will pick up a PS4, but I'll be skipping Microsoft's effort at a next gen console. The best stuff on the Xbox is usually available for PC anyway.

    PS; Sega is okay with me and nothing like MS. The fact that Phantasy Star Online exists is good enough.

    PSS; PS4 will be officially named PSX just so the big three can all have silly names for their consoles.
    Updated 21st May 2013 at 11:18 PM by Gaga


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