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The life of a stegosaurus


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The series finale of Doctor Who just ended, and had a prelude to the 50th anniversary special on November 23rd.

And guess who the Time War Doctor is?

At first, I was like

But then I was like

We have 5 months until X/Y and 6 months until the next Doctor Who episode. I've done pretty much everything I wanted to do, so I have 5 months until anything happens at all.


Now, I'll be all like
for the next half-a-year.

On a separate note, has anybody noticed how much this
looks like this?
Now, seeing as a lot of people may misinterpret what I'm saying, I don't mean "are they the same guy" as much as I'd love that, what I am saying is "are they running short on character designs".

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    I don't see much of a resemblance other than similar art styles and hair color
  2. Koopa Jr's Avatar
    *pats Polkadot Jolteon on the back*

    Don't worry we can go insane waiting for November 23rd together.
  3. Miles101's Avatar
    Too many things to wait foooorrrrrr D:


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