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New info!

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Where there is a leak, there is a blog.

Well, since I'm really really bored to write two different texts, I'm reposting what I did post in the News section earlier...

Quote Originally Posted by BlueWartortle
Well, the Electric/Normal has hilarious typing and looks. If its evo is good, and Parabola Charge is really something, I may change opinion.
The Panda looks okay, though I think it will be the bulky guy, which may make me not use it in the end. Stat reducing isn't the best either.
Gogoat isn't a great Pokemon, but I guess it will be Deerling 2.0 in that's a gimmick used to showcase a new mechanic. However, the mechanic is just great! I dreamt of Pokemon mounts ever since my WoW days were over and I got back into here!
The bird isn't something really special, though Flame Charge sounds weird... I guess Pidgey v 6.0 here.

Finally, there comes the region. The name (Karosu) is okay, and it looks like France. I'm just wondering what do these walls mean...
That's it! Have a nice day!

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    Thank you, OMoT. (Orange mass of text.)
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    It looks like Parabola is an electric Giga Drain. Cool enough to try it or once :))


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