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Orange Islands vs Decolora Islands

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Today was quite an active Bulbagardenic day for me. It all started by checking ‘News (do this every day) and then to ‘NewsNOW. It was there where I found the infamous scan. Yep, the one that has pictures from 10 Decolora episodes.

Since then, the Pokemon Anime got flooded with Decolora threads about every single ep that was shown, as well as the “Iris/Cilan Leave! Now What?” ones (gotta admit, I started some of them myself). The more I chatted with the others about DA, the more I found parallel aspects to Orange Islands. Consequently, I decided to make a blog entry, comparing these two sagas once and for all.

Let’s start by the fact that both sagas are fillers that take place in island regions, after their respective series’ Leagues (even though Episode N got between in BW). There is either a minor League quest (only 6 episodes out of 37), or no quest at all (yet DA gets less eps, making it equal in terms of filler). Both series got LOTS of fillers, because there is not enough content for something else to be done.

Even the plots of some fillers are similar. Pokemon getting possessed (Pikachu Re-Volts/Meowth n Zoroark), Water Pokemon getting some development yet in a filler way, aka nothing really happens (Bye Bye Psyduck/Wartortle Squad/Hotachi King) and Pokemon debuts as well as random Leaders/Elites appearing (Lorelei and Clair). Also, there is some showcase of next gen Pokemon (Marill/Sylveon) and a next gen movie (Lugia/Genesect).

The similarities are there, yet the differences are there too…

The question is: WHADDAYA SAY?

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    I say Genesect isn't next-gen. :V
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    When I say Genesect, I mean its movie as a whole...
  3. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    i just hope if that Iris leaves and the girl from XY comes along that she isnt Bianca 2.0
  4. Zexy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 97SaturnSL1
    i just hope if that Iris leaves and the girl from XY comes along that she isnt Bianca 2.0
    A bit out of topic, but anyway...
  5. Caseydia's Avatar
    I'd say the two sagas are mostly the same. The only thing about the Orange Islands than the Decolora is that Ash was still collecting shell badges. Which was better than him doing little to nothing in the "Da" series.
  6. flyingblueshellder's Avatar
    I say OI > DA :P
  7. Kyriaki's Avatar
    The Orange League Tournament was one of the epic moments where Ash actually won - against the Orange League Champion.
  8. Zexy's Avatar
    Wow, this thing got revived outta nowhere!

    @Caseydia; That was the point of this whole entry. I'm gald you understand it.
    @stickerstaryoshi; In terms of plot, probably. However, it came with the crappy graphics of OS which makes me unable to watch it for long, with Tracey instead of Brock (Cilan is still better than Tracey), and right after the first main arc, making it seem lackluster at the beginning. Later on, however, we get the Charizard badass moments and the League Win. These really helped it out to reach its current popularity.
    @Spectrum Achromatic; We may get such a moment again at some time. Battle Frontier, which was another filler saga, has such an ending as well. We can't be sure at this moment.


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