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Cabin in the woods

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I'm so torn. Was it bad, good, awful, brilliant? It dipped into literally every genre at points: sci-fi, action, thriller, horror, comedy, romance, and more probably. It has gotten really positive reviews but I'm not so sure. To give an idea of how random and jumpy the plot is, here's a summary of the ending (quoting from imdb's synopsis:

That pretty much sums up the movie. It was good at parts, but also very cringe-worthy at times too. Some good thrills, very unique plot and lots of short-lived climaxes that really add to it, not to mention very captivating and engaging plot. Then again, most of the characters were really bland and predictable, a good few loose ends or things bot fully explained and it wasn't realistic at all, even though it was trying to be. I've never been so ambivalent about a movie before god.

Man, I dunno.

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  1. CrackFox's Avatar
    I quite enjoyed it. I went into it with low expectations and I wasn't disappointed. If you like movies about cabins in woods you should watch The Evil Dead. The original of course.


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