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Excited about Gen VI

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I'm excited to hear the news for Gen VI.

I like the Pokemon that they just revealed. The panda and the lizard look really cool. I like having a Normal/Electric type - more dual-type Electric Pokemon is good. And it would be cool to ride on a Gogoat. A giant goat Pokemon...that would be really cool.

I think it's cool that the region is based off of France. I'll probably choose the male character, and give him a French name. I was thinking something like Achille or Felix. And for the rival... If the rival is male, I'd like to call him either Nicolas (after Sarkozy), Gaspard, Robin, or Luca. If the rival is female, I'd like to call her either Carla (after Sarkozy's wife), Lisa, Jeanne, or Margot. (I chose the names out of the top 500 names in France. I never use the characters' official names, since that's boring.)

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    French name? Pierre.