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The final Snookie Stackhouse book! (Nerd alert)

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I haven't read it yet, but I know I love it. The fan reaction is hilarious. So many people are pissed off because Sookie didn't get together with their favorite character. (For the record, I approve of who she ended up with - he's a cool character, dependable, has good chemistry with her, and anyone can see their getting together a mile away, since the last few books have been pushing it.) I know shipping is serious business, but I've seen fics where people write about hurting the author because their ship didn't come to pass. (And apparently the characters were OOC, but I doubt that because people scream that whenever their character is not being treated in the perfect light.)

It bugs me that I found very little about the plot in reviews - it's all fanrage over Sookie not getting together with one guy. I know romance is a big part of the series, but I care more about the plot and lore than who the Blond Tittypath gets with. When I actually found reviews that DIDN'T talk about the romance, they all pretty much said "yeah, it was okay I guess."

The plot seems to involve Sookie's great-great-grandfather and fairy, Niall. But Niall and the other fairies are whiny bastards, riddled with poor writing. I hope Niall dies in this book, because I'm getting sick and tired of him bending logic and rules just because Sookie is so fucking great.

Spoilers, in which I talk about the bachelors and stuff.

Hopefully Bubba (Vampire!Elvis) is in the final book; he's my favorite character, and he's not tangled up in romantic plot lines.

It's been a fun ride with the series. An intricate, thought-out universe (barring the minor retcons), fun, complex, and well-developed characters, and writing that really gets you into the great and witty mind of the protagonist, and wonderful mysteries really made me stick to the series throughout its installments, through its ups (Books 1-6, maybe 7) and its downs (Books 9-12). Despite my derisive comments about the more irritable parts of the fanbase, I made a lot of great friends through this series. I'm gonna miss this series.

tl;dr I like this novel series about a telepathic hot girl and the harem of corpses and animals she's accumulated while solving random mysteries. Imma try to get the final book.

Okay that's it. Go away.

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    Is this blog about the Snookie from Jersey Shore?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Druddigon
    Is this blog about the Snookie from Jersey Shore?
    No, Sookie from Louisiana.


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