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@Typhlosionisafirebadger; Mentions are awesome. I also like fire badgers, do you too?
@xXFrostXx; That's nice, good for you!
@BlueWartortle; You don't like mentions? Well T O O BAD! But I like blue wartortles. Purple ones are so much better. But your bandwagon attempt FAILED
@EVs and IVsaurs; You asked for it, you get it! I do like EVs. Never got IVs, though.

The end.

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    I can has mention?
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    Hmm, let me see, who started the bandwagon in the first place? :))
    I agree that purple Wartortles are nice, but I like the plain blue ones more
  3. Typhlosionisafirebadger's Avatar
    Yes fire badgers raawwwk
  4. Eleven's Avatar
    Random mentions, huh? If I told you that I was collecting notifications, would you quote and/or mention me?


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