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Wow mama

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I've been a good blogger and blogging more lately, despite the fact in less than a month I'll be doing my exams that completely determine whether I get into the uni course I want. Sure, I have backups, but I'd so much rather my first.

Yet, I've hit a wall of boredom with studying. I no longer get the thrill, rush of excitement anymore! Today for example I did very little, despite being in my room most of the day. I had a goal to get the whole Biology course done between Sat, Sun and today, but I only got about two-thirds of it done. Which wouldn't be a huge deal except I have a mock-real exam on Tuesday after school. The sooner I finish, the sooner I go home. And, I wanted to do well in it and everything. meep. Not to mention I got half of the Chem course done, and I have a mock exam thing in that on Wednesday sob.

Two three hour exams in two days that I am not ready for. Kill me with a blunt object pls.

I've also neglected to study any other subject #yolo right there amirite. After these two exams it's just gonna be the bullshitty subjects and maths. Maybe French, but I'm formidable at that so no biggie.

Anyway yeah, one month and counting.

I also graduate on the twenty first (?) and after the balloon releasing ceremony and what not, we're heading out to a night club. Will be great. Then no school ever again, exams two weeks later. My summer begins June 21st ermahgerd can't wait to do nothing!

Btw out of curiosity anyone study Science in uni, or Chem, Bio, or any derivative of those?

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  1. Mr. Fahrenheit's Avatar
    Btw out of curiosity anyone study Science in uni, or Chem, Bio, or any derivative of those?
    I do. I study chemistry in a technical university.


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