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Hurricane Kishore

A XY series Fanfiction ! Need's Review!

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(Ash & a Female cast reach a Sudden city ! )

Female Cast : So , This is where we suppose to meet the Photographer ! Okay, satoshi , Let........

(She see Satoshi & Pikacha are standing in a front of Ice Cream truck)

Satoshi : 2 Ice Cream For me & Pikachu !

Female Cast : Satoshi , What are you doing ?

Satoshi : Buying Ice cream , You want One !

Female Cast : No , A superior Evolved being like me doesn't need thing like that .

Satoshi : Come on , Those are Delicious !

(Satoshi show her his Ice cream)

Female Cast : They does look testy..... Whatever ! We Suppose to collect important information about ''****'' region's Legendary Pokemon so Prof can finish his research and you're suppose to help me ! We also need a Photographer & thats why we came here , remember !

Satoshi : Come on , A little sightseeing doesn't hurt !

Female cast : Off course , It does ! We are in a strange city and who knows what kind of freak might show up !

Satosh : What Kind Of Freak ?

(Right that moment , Ash & Female cast saw a guy running Toward them ! As he came close and Jump toward the female cast)


(Before he reach the Female Cast , She punch him right at his face and send him flying unconscious)


Satoshi : You killed him !

(Satoshi goes close to the male cast and Pocked his unconscious body ! Then he look toward the female cast with Thumb up )

Satoshi : (Female cast's name) , I will dispose the body So you better run toward the next city as fast as you can !


(But the Male Cast suddenly stand up and come close the female cast and grad her hand)

Male Cast : To think such beautiful hand process such a force ! I'm even more proud to be working with you in your quest !

Satoshi : Noway , He okay ?????

Female cast : Don't tell me , you're ........ !!!!!!

Male Cast : Yep , I'm the partner who was chosen by the prof to be your partner Or You can say Destiny brought us here together !

(He gave female cast a flower)

Female Cast : huh !!!

Satoshi : Hey Pikachu , Doesn't this feel kinda familiar !!!

Pikachu : Pikaaaaaa

(A Chibi from of Brock appear in Ash & Pikachu's fantasy where he propose to a girl and get rejected )

Male Cast : Here , A present to celebrate our partnership !

Satoshi : WoW , Do you have a present for me !

Male Cast : Get Lost ! My present are for Cute Girl , Those aren't for annoying pest !

Satoshi : Ahhhhhhh , Thats not fair !

Male Cast : Deal with it , You can't get everything just because you're the main character , Don't Forget it !

Satoshi : What ?????

(While the Female cast look another way)

Female Cast : My poor Amazing quest ! Why does a Superior intellectual Evolved human being like me has to travel with such Inferior unintelligent Under evolved Boys !

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Updated 4th May 2013 at 08:42 AM by Hurricane Kishore



  1. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    My Ash is different then Anime Ash !
    He's calm , Level-headed ,Smart , Childish and likes to tease the female cast in various occasion !
  2. GatoRage's Avatar
    Beautiful...bravo ;_;7
  3. みさあき's Avatar
    cool cool. i think this was posted on Masaaki-chan's blog but i didn't comment lol
  4. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    6 view so far !
    Anyway , If this get better review then I guess I will turn it into a full fanfiction when Pokemon X & Y come out !
    How long it going to take me to learn animation like this-
  5. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    Not Bad
  6. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Do you want me to give a realistic review?
  7. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Druddigon;bt285075]Do you want me to give a realistic review?[/QUOTE]

    Why not !
  8. クリスタル's Avatar
    I laugh at the line where the Female Cast punched at the Male Cast.

    Too bad that there is no name for the cast yet. Well it can't help, because the game is not out yet, we don't know the names of the protagonist(s) of Pokemon XY.
    Though it is just a short script, but it is interesting. Just feel sorry that this will not be adopted by the official Pokemon Anime scriptwriters and made into a real episode on TV.

    Ah, by the way, there are spelling mistakes and many grammar mistakes like capital letters and inconsistent in names. Be careful for these things.