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The Lair of the Unlynchable

Super Effective: Ground Type

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Welp, since I'm visiting, let's do another!

Favorite Ground Type

I love this guy. He's just so cool! I just don't know how to explain it, really.

Least Favorite Ground Type

This was a hard one. There are no ground types I don't like, so I suppose this is him. Quagsire is uber, but Wooper... He's just annoying, at best.

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Updated 3rd May 2013 at 07:13 AM by No Lynch



  1. Lugion's Avatar
    Flygon is the greatest.
  2. Sunburn's Avatar
    Flygon is very cool. I don't do anything competitively but it's always been a serviceable Pokemon in-game
  3. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    But Wooper is so happy! And it takes a special someone to be so happy when they have no arms.
  4. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Oh wow been a while since these...

    Yeah Flygon is good, though imo Garchomp is a tiny bit better.


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