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LD5; Tensions rise

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"Ugh" is pretty much the one word that can describe how I have felt recently. So let's just get down to business and start spilling my guts.

Firstly, college. It's approaching at a faster rate than I expected. In a few days, I'll be registering for classes. I'm going to end up talking to a counselor to get which classes I should take considering my education path. But still, college. Damn, I feel old. Ah, well. Time moves on, doesn't it?
Secondly, jobs. They're hard to come by. I keep applying and applying and going nowhere. And to top it all off, my mother is pretty much screaming at me to get a job. Well, I would, but there's this thing called "waiting for the people to read your application and call you in for an interview" that must be considered. On top of that, she's shoving apps into my face. After about the fifth one, I about had it. So now I'm waiting on five potential jobs while she's still shoving even more jobs into my face. It's frustrating. Trust me.
Thirdly, AP testing is coming up. Considering the fact that I'm in AP BC Calculus... it's going to be both mentally and physically painful. And I'm worrying the hell out of it. Study, study, study. But on the bright side, if you get half right you still get a 4 out of 5. But on the down side, that just emphasized how difficult the test is. Gaahhh... this is going to be such a pain.
Now were on to the less "ugh" stuff.
I did go to prom... well, post prom at least ($100 per ticket for prom? I think not.) and I had a blast there. They had a button making room, which i stayed in for a good half hour to an hour in. I made 5 buttons, all of them cool as hell, imo. I made a pokeball, some geometric designs (a pixel design similar to this and a honeycomb design), a checkerboard (because checkerboards are awesome), and a badge that had a guy in a top hat with a monocle and mustache that said "like a sir." But yeah. Buttons are badass. My night wasn't just comprised of that, though; I also hung out with a lot of my friends as well, and saw some that I haven't seen in a while. So yeah, that was fun.

I'd say that's about it as far as eventful things go. Thanks for reading my ramblings.

As always, stay awesome,

P.s: I have updated the background music to something more... fitting.

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  1. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    Wow. You have it tough... I hope you pull through. What college?
  2. JustAnotherLeafeon's Avatar
    @33Whimsicott33; I'm going to a community college near me. Going there for two years, then transferring out.


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