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Da Openings and Da Endings...

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WARNING: This is a very punny orange mass of letters about Da opening and Da ending of Dat new season called Da.

When it comes to their music, I liked Da Opening's Refrain, though I was a bit pissed cuz Da refrain did not pop up till late in Da song. All that couplee wasn't Dat intersting. Da ending wasn't nothing special in terms of music.

Still, it's the footage that counts. They have made a pretty good work merging Originals with BW in Da opening. Especially with all Dose counterparts, like AlomomolaKarp, Jenniez and Joeyz. Also the Basculin Rocket Ship. I also liked Chili and Cress, since they are Cilan's brothers, they should appear more, right? The final scene also showed us Dat Clair may be a main protagonist for some part.

On to Da Ending. Well, this is the best ending ever! Everyone, EVERYONE is there! All my favourite Gen 5 rivals and older series protags as well! Also, the way each one communicated with their people was nice. Much better than that La La Sakura we got last time that had nothing to do with the "serious" (you can laugh here) nature of Episode N. Oops, I was psyched enough to not pun for a whole paragraph. Dat Mind of Mine...

PS: Did you ask permission before photo'ing me, Trip?

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  1. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    No matter how the Op and Ed are like , Pokemon Da will still suck !
    it like keeping all the bad thing of Pokemon Anime while kicking out all the good thing .
  2. Konstantinos's Avatar
    I Da-ubt it. At least, it has a feel of Orange Islands nostalgia that new kids have never experienced.

    We get to see both Jennies and Joys, Basculin Mechas and Oak puns. I can accept it for a summer, just before they bring us another crap called XY anime :))
  3. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    I lost count of how many times I groaned.
  4. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 33Whimsicott33
    I lost count of how many times I groaned.
    16. Yeah, Dis nerd called "me" actually counted Da Da's all over Dat text.


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