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The main reason why Best Wishes!'s plot sucks so bad is...

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little-to-no Atsuhiro Tomioka involvement. Just compare the list of episodes he wrote for DP and BW. In DP, he wrote almost every Gym Battle and Contest episode, as well as nearly every episode involving the Galaxy-dan and Shinji.

In BW, by comparison, he's written 19 episodes so far (not including the Plasma-dan two parter, of course). Maybe he's busy with other anime, but that doesn't excuse the rest of the writers for aimlessly advertising merchandise composing the series as they go along.

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  1. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
    That's interesting.
  2. Infinity Edge's Avatar
    I don't think it sucks more actually. It's the same as always

    , except for [I]Pokemon Chronicles[/I].
  3. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Interesting that he wrote almost every Contest episode back in AG too. Seemed like he was mainly in charge of how May and Dawn were incorporated in the anime.
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    He wrote a lot of my favorite episodes....And many episodes I really despise. Fascinating.
  5. Hidden Mew's Avatar
    That probably would explain quite a bit. It may not be the main reason for the series' problems, but it's at least a significant factor. Most of the episodes he wrote for BW didn't really work for me aside from a couple of filler episodes and the seventh Gym battle, which was the closest to being a DP quality Gym battle in BW out of all of the Gym battles.
  6. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    My opinion on this one matches Contrary's. ;)

    I dunno...DP's gym battles/overall plot (which is what you're focusing on, though) are certainly a lot more sound than BW and I'll say I agree there. DP's characters/chemistry btwn characters/overall story never really clicked with me the way BW has.

    (Also, I read you like the BW JPN BGM the best so far; personally my order is the OS BGM was best, then the AG BGM which is equal to the BW BGM, with the DP BGM out of rank-- honestly, I prefer a lot of the dub music BGM to Gen IV's electic guitar).
  7. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    He also wrote the Misty/Mirage Kingdom episode in Hoenn. Heh, click all the AG episodes he wrote, almost all of them were May's Contests episodes and some important Ash episodes. :p
  8. Kyriaki's Avatar
    That explains a lot. now who is in charge of that league arc
  9. Zexy's Avatar
    Is it me, or has he also written BW093. You know, the Junior Cup's end where Trip has to battle Alder, lose, and make a drastic personality change while Cameron is introduced and Dawn has to leave, all-in-one-episode?! Yep, he has written that one...

    JK, he has also done wonders around the place, including the Meloetta 2-parter which is IMO the best out of the TR 2-parters, and a really bright side of what BW has to offer.
  10. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    Kusaka wrote his own story all by himself by using the BW Game concept in Pokemon Black & White adventure.
    While , Pokemon Anime has 5 or 6 writer but they didn't came close to Kusaka .
    If I was the producer of Pokemon Anime , I would hire one writer who can do 6 person job instate of feeding [B]5 or 6 donkeys who can't even do one person job[/B]
    That way , I would have save a lot of money .
    Oh ,
    Pokemon Anime didn't do any advertising merchandise , Instate they destroyed a pokemon's Marketability.
    I used to think Dragonite , Leavanny , samurott , Emboar etc were cool Pokemon until THEY GOT ANIMATED OR CAUGHT BY A CAST CHARACTER .


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