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Problems v.v

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Hello and welcome to the blog filled with doodles and dreams. this is Haruka May (SweetKiss) and I hope you have a good day/night ^^

I currently have a list of problems that involves selecting one thing or another.. like these two.

1. My best friend who happens to be a guy says he's crushing on me and its serious.. We joke around pretending to flirt with each other. Which makes it much harder to laugh it off. The hard thing is I already (???) have a boyfriend. Well he says he's my bf but its not very serious.

2. My mum is going to a different suburb because of work and she wants me to come with her. The hard thing is my dad wants me to stay. Which makes it even harder to decide.

Help please??

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  1. Narcisse's Avatar
    1. If you have no romantic interest in your best friend, tell him now. The longer it goes on without clarifying things, the harder it will be to tell him in the future and the more he will be hurt by it.

    Do you want your current 'boyfriend' to officially be your boyfriend? If so, tell him. If it's not serious and you're both happy with that then that's cool, as long as you're both on the same page.

    2. That's such a difficult situation to deal with. When it comes down to it, your parents will always want the best for you at this point in time. Where makes more sense for you to live at the moment? Where will you be nearer your friends/school(if you're at school/work etc. What's the nicer neighborhood? If you think about these things you can make a decision and then talk to your parents. Reassure the one you wont be living with that your reasons are purely based on logic and what is best for you. They'll understand. And if they are disappointed, it'll be difficult but consider yourself lucky - it's an awesome privilege to be loved.
  2. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    The hard thing is I already (???) have a boyfriend. Well he says he's my bf but its not very serious.
    Step 1: Find out if it's serious (it would probably be a useful thing to know anyway).


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