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EarthBound, Final Fantasy VI and IV, and a hint of Chrono Trigger

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I realized something so great about EarthBound on Wii U.

People can post about everything about EarthBound. And their own accomplishments, like Sword of Kings, or Gutsy bat, or T-Rex bat, or...

Whatever. I know this was already done possibly in the Mother 2 community while Mother 2 was up for download, but it's better in English. :P

Also, I'm starting to like Final Fantasy. I've been playing Final Fantasy II IV for a while, and I already have Edward. It's quite fun, and I'm now more appreciative of Final Fantasy.

Though, I have been wanting to try out FFVII, and I don't want to buy a PS3 for Final Fantasy VII...

Also, I tried Final Fantasy III VI. I died twice - once at that cave (after you get rid of your Magitek armor) - and again with the Moogle and Locke event in such same cave.

Maybe I suck at FFVI! XD

I'll also buy Chrono Trigger - and when it comes out, EarthBound! Man, when it comes out, Wii U owners, expect a lot of posts from me!

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Updated 18th April 2013 at 09:36 PM by John Understands



  1. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Oh man, oldschool Final Fantasy games are great! I'm glad you're enjoying them. Also, Chrono Trigger is a game worth having.

    And yeah... Earthbound. <3 That game is the only reason why my SNES is not in storage.
  2. John Understands's Avatar
    @Satoshi-kun; I personally prefer the SNES Final Fantasy games over the NES FF games. And I'll be sure to by a Wii Points card to get Chrono Trigger - and maybe even Secret of Mana.

    But, the EarthBound rerelease will be worth it to many who don't own EarthBound right now.

    Maybe I'll try to get Final Fantasy V Advance.
  3. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Final Fantasy I + II for the NES/Famicom were kinda... something. Yeah. The Playstation (and GBA) reissue of I+II was better though, I thought. III, though, was a gem of the 8-bit era.

    And yeah, Earthbound needed a re-release badly! People will be able to play it now without feeling guilty for emulating it, and without having to pay ridiculous bucks on ebay for a copy.
  4. John Understands's Avatar
    @Satoshi-kun; Ah, okay. I tried a bit of Final Fantasy I, but I was kinda turned off by the class system for some reason. I think I'll try to buy FFIII on DS someday.

    And the EarthBound thing...yeah. It would be quite sad if an EarthBound fan didn't fork out $8 to play it on Wii U because of emulation. Maybe I would understand if EarthBound's prices dropped for a bit because of this rerelease, so that kinda helps.
  5. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    I think that most real Earthbound fans who have a Wii U, but have never had a chance to legally own the original SNES cart will be more than happy to fork over 8 bucks to be able to have a legit copy. Also, there's a lot of people who are completely against emulation, even in cases of out of print games, who will finally have a chance to experience the game. That will definitely be a great thing!
  6. John Understands's Avatar
    @Satoshi-kun; Yeah - I would be happy enough to fork out $8 for EarthBound. Though I meant people who don't have the money to own a Wii U or just emulate a lot. I've also seen people complaning on EarthBound Central about how EarthBound is on Wii U and not 3DS, even though if EarthBound's resulation was on 3DS, it would probably look like MOTHER 1+2. I'm not really happy about people complaning how EarthBound is on Wii U only and not 3DS or Wii because it's better than nothing and not having EarthBound for many more years (read: never)
  7. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    I'm actually one of those people who really wants Earthbound on the 3DS. I think that it could be done well, as the 3DS has the resolution to handle a SNES game, plus the audio wouldn't be as bad as it was on the GBA Mother 1+2 cart either. But still, if it never makes it to the 3DS, I'm perfectly fine with that, as I have an original, and I'm just glad that the game is finally available for people to legally play again (and supposedly will be available in Europe legally for the first time ever).

    While the Wii U is a bit out of my price range currently, if I buy one while Earthbound is still available, that would definitely be the first thing that I'd be getting my hands on, just because Nintendo and Itoi deserve the money for making this happen. If it makes it to the 3DS (doubting it, but you never know), I'd probably buy it on the first day it becomes available.
  8. John Understands's Avatar
    @Satoshi-kun; I admit, that would be nice. The 3DS now has the resolution and sound good enough to replicate a SNES game, now I believe. Yeah, I can change my opinions after a while.

    But, to be honest, I'm more excited about the fact that the Europe and Australia gets to play it, even if I do live in North America.
  9. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Oh goodness yes, Europe and Australia getting the game is probably one of the best parts of all this.

    Although I like to think of the fact that they never got Earthbound as a fitting punishment for them getting Terranigma.
  10. John Understands's Avatar
    @Satoshi-kun; Such game was never released on Virtual Console.


    I liked to think that the reason EarthBound was never released in Europe and Australia due to copyright problems, but...

    Maybe The Earthbound Delay Wasn&#39;t Really For Music Licensing Issues

    ...maybe not.
  11. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    @Alan Smithee; Terranigma, an Enix RPG, got a Japanese, European, and Australian release, with no US release back in the SNES days. Earthbound got a Japanese and US release, with no European/Australian release back then. I was just making a joke about how Europe/Australia not getting Earthbound was payback for the US not getting Terranigma.

    Yeah, the old story behind no reissuing of Earthbound in English speaking countries was because of copyrighted music and sounds being used in the game. Will be interesting to see if all the original audio remains as some are saying it might.


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