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Well, the other day I decided to revisit BMGf for some old memories that need a bit of stirring. It's safe to say I cringed quite spectacularly when I reviewed my posts from a couple of years ago. Besides, I'm horribly jetlagged and I can't sleep so, why not update those of you that may remember me?

Those of you who don't know me, I was the 50,000th registered user of BMGf back in March 2011. I got pretty obsessed with this forum! I'm from London, I'm nearly 15 years old, I'm (almost) a professional musician and I'm feeling rather happy with myself at the moment.

A while ago, I made a blog about a girl with blue hair who I was (and still am) desperately crazy for. Patience really does pay off; we've been happily together for more than four months now. She's called Hazel and quite honestly the most amazing person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her hair isn't blue anymore (it's shorter than mine now!) but she's regularly changing the colour, which I think is super cute c: She's incredibly beautiful and I've never gotten on so well with another person before. Plus, she's as big a Pokémon fan as me which lead to competitive hysterics when we battle.

When I signed up for this forum I began work on a fanfiction called "The Unova Affair", which was based on the Unova folklore, which at the time was new and exciting to me. I never finished it, and tbh, it was pretty awful anyway. I gave up on writing then but I've been doing bits of poetry and soliloquies here and there.

As far as music goes, I'm in a punk-indie mashup band called Friday the 13th with some friends. We're doing pretty well for ourselves - we've released an EP entitled "Better Off This Way" in January with a second one well on the way this month, and plenty of gigs lined up over the next few months. The first EP racked up at 1,500 plays, and it wasn't too much of a serious release, which has left us excited for the next one. As expected, I play bass, but I've been working on my voice and I sing at shows too.

Oh, and I'm also part of the first and only under-18 professional session band in the UK.

Apart from starting my GCSEs, that's all that's significantly changed since we last saw each other. This is my 92nd blog post. I'll undoubtedly return for more. How've you all got on since we last spoke?

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  1. Kagerou's Avatar
    User 50000... That is awesome.

    Welcome back. ^_^ I happen to have joined in 2011 as well. Once you join, you can never leave forever.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Welcome back! I remember you.
  3. Mr Metagross's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vesna
    User 50000... That is awesome.

    Welcome back. ^_^ I happen to have joined in 2011 as well. Once you join, you can never leave forever.
    I didn't believe it at first!

    Thank you. I always found BMGf wandering back into my mind, what a lovely place to spend my time it was, there are lots of very lovely people here! I couldn't resist but make another post. Do you ever find it like that?
  4. Mr Metagross's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Contrary
    Welcome back! I remember you.
    Hello! I'm not sure I remember you, your name must have changed, as names often do.
  5. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    I remember you. You were that British bloke who played bass.

    First under-18 professional band in the UK? That's a pretty big achievement. I wish I could pull off something like that. Then again, I don't live in the UK.


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