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Bulbaversary #3

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So, this is a few days early as technically my Bulbaversary isn't until Monday. But a few factors are making the blog show up early. The main one is work, as I have work tomorrow, possibly Sunday, and for a fact Monday. I wouldn't have the energy to do a blog like this after working, and I'd just be too lazy on Saturday. Another reason is cause I was gonna end up joining before April 15th by like a few days, but I got lazy, and waited til the 15th. And, I feel like this computer is just gonna die soon, so who even knows if I'd have one come Monday, so here it is a few days early.

Now I know how most of these work, and you only care what I say about you, and not the boring crap about myself, so Imma just spoiler that.

Now to the part where I mention you guys that I know, and talk about you if I can. Also tried to include a pic or two of how/what I associate you with, well for some of you anyway since there is a limit. just glad I don't have to do another one of these for a while



@Beautiful Lie;



@Charles Dunois;









@Kakuna Matata;










@Spectrum Achromatic;






A quick round of mentions for some other people I've met over the years, who are on my friends list, but really dunno what to say about any of you cause of not talking much/in recent times.

@AceTrainer14; @BlueWartortle; @EmotionalTensionPKMN; @G50; @GioRocket; @Guinevere; @Haruka_Rules!; @Karis; @Laïka; @Lalonde; @Lunar Haze; @Octy; @Railgun of Gusto; @RainbowCloud; @Terrell; @Vesna; @Water Max;

To my (active) URPG buddies

@Akinai; @AmericanTreeFrog; @BK201; @ChainReaction01; @CrazyLilChicken; @Dinobot; @Dog of Hellsing; @EmBreon; @Fossil Fusion; @Monbrey; @Morru Magnum; @Princess Crow; @WinterVines;

Whew, okay that's that. A lot of people mentioned, and a lot of things said. I just hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did I apologize. It's not like I intentionally overlooked you, it just means you either aren't on my friends list, or didn't seem active enough to even see this. It's been a fun 3 years, so thanks for the fun times, and the fun ride everyone.

And, if you didn't like what I said about you, or think I said too much well you can just kiss my rump.

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  1. Opal's Avatar
    happy early-bulbaversary precious baby <3 JUST FOR THAT I'MA DO THE UNTHINKABLE RN OK

    naw forreals though I actually really appreciated you saying that asdfg I was worried you didn't consider me a friend any more because I have been too shy to talk
  2. CrackFox's Avatar
    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the mention ^^

    The moon rules
  3. Sonico's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary, and thanks for the mention! :3
  4. Dolce's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!

    And one of these days Ebail, one of these days I'll win!

    Oh! And yes work sucks majorly. >.>
  5. Rainbow Cloud's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  6. Caprizant's Avatar
    Happy third Bulbaversary! Thanks for the mention. :3c
  7. Yuko's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary! :DDDD WELL, WE'RE ENGAGED....WE SHOULD TALK MORE...
  8. Mintaka's Avatar
    Thank you so much for the message :D Happy Bulbaversary!
  9. jokool's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  10. Heartilly's Avatar
    @Ebail; since my reply here is kinda late

    Uwaah, thank you so much, Ebail!! I consider you to be a good friend, and one of my best friends on here too, of course! X3 you caught me at the part where i was going to apologize Really, what you said means a lot to me. I really hope once the end of the semester comes around, or summer, we can talk a lot like we used to! Ah ha, so Shark got to you too, huh? And now I see you know my Edgeworth obsession. X3 i would say more but i don't wanna take up too much space ;;

    I wanna say thank you again, and Happy Bulbaversary~!
  11. Koukoubean's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary, Ebail! Thank you very much for the mention and all the times we had shared too, whether good or bad. May it last for long. ;w;
  12. Faerie's Avatar
    @Ebail; so sorry for the late reply, but Happy 3rd Bulbaversary! Thanks for the kind words. ^^ We should definitely talk more often though, since we seem to have a similar sense of humor and have a love of food.

    And thanks for the image! [s]Ice cream...:O...[/s]
  13. Terrell's Avatar
    Happy third bulbaversary! @Ebail; thanks for the mention bro. lol i might let you slide on the last poster win thread for today.
  14. Lurking's Avatar

    Also, darn, you caught me in my evil plan to disappear off of the face of Bulbagarden forever. Oh noes! Because we all know that I'm suuuuper active right now, eh? I'm a terrible person but OH YOU, YOU'RE GIVING ME WARM FUZZIES STAHP. You know I can't write warm fuzzy speeches half as well as you can... but yeah. Even though I hardly talk to anyone on the interwebz any more, you were definitely my best friend on here while I was here. Glad to know that at least one person appreciated my indefinite hiatus, haha.

    Anywho, enough about me. Happy... bulbaversary, is it? You non-URPG people and your new-fangled terms and your social lives and your active forums and your... well, shiz, just active forums. Lol.

    Oh, and...

  15. Exar Kun's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary @Ebail. I'm not a man of very many words so yeah... have a good one man.
  16. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    First off, nice choice in picture/comic for me. xD

    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Ebail
    I remember meeting you cause I saw you talking in third person, and thought it was pretty funny so I figured why not send you a message, and see how funny you were.
    ...and then you found out I'm not actually that funny and steal borrow most of my material from other sources. xD;

    Quote Originally Posted by The Miz
    It's been fun talking with you over the last year+ because you balance nonsense in nicely with normal conversation. A rare treat, and combination indeed, and something I like. I'd say more, but a lot of it would be boring, and not make sense.
    That's alright, that's what I do to everyone else when I go on and on about my random feels and theories. Thank you for putting up with me! xD It's been fun chatting with you too. ^^

    Quote Originally Posted by That last username always made me want to call you The Mizzle, which would be useful if you and Mizzle ever decided to do the fusion dance together
    But remember the time we made a bet, and you lost the battle and therefore the bet? And that's why you shouldn't bet. I hope I taught you a valuable life lesson.
    Yes. :I And that lesson shall forever be documented here and here.

    Happy Third Celebration of the Day You Joined This Forum Thus Allowing Us to Become Buddies Day! :D
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