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goodnight guys;

i like you all~~

free hugs?

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  1. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
    Hm...nah. I don't usually hug people.
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    I don't care about hugs, I learned a new Jap word. "kisama" is "hugs"...
  3. みさあき's Avatar
    nooo kisama = you XD
  4. ScarletSky's Avatar
    BASEMENT CAT DOESN'T LIKE HUGS. But will make a one time exception
  5. Karisse's Avatar
    Once more, I like you too. XD

    Free hugs! *hug* :3
  6. Garren's Avatar
    Uh, you do realize "kisama" is now more or less a way to address someone that you hate?
  7. みさあき's Avatar

    I knew it meant "you", which is why it's in the title because it's "you guys" et "tachi" but I was never told it was a hate word. especially since i use it with some people and they never complain about it. :[
  8. Garren's Avatar
    I'm guessing the people you use it with don't realize that either, or don't care to correct you.

    It's not a well known secret of the Japanese language either, as I'm no expert, but literally typing in "kisama" in Google has every result point out the fact it's literally the rudest way of saying "you".
    Updated 12th April 2013 at 08:09 PM by Garren
  9. みさあき's Avatar
    I'm guessing they don't care to correct me because they are native speakers. Saw the word used on the web so I was like... ehh okay.

    I don't know what kisama really means outside of meaning "you", so yeah.
  10. Garren's Avatar
    You probably shouldn't use words without looking up their meaning.
  11. みさあき's Avatar
    I'm sorry Tendou-chan;
    I literally didn't know since I use it somewhat on twitter and no one tells me anything.
  12. Garren's Avatar
    To add to that, apparently "kisama" isn't even a word normal people use, it's pretty much relegated to anime and manga now, so I'm guessing no one thought you were serious.

    I saw a good post the other day about how reading too much anime and manga, and learning how to speak Japanese from that, is like watching Looney Tunes to learn English...and then referring to your close friends and family as "stinkers".
  13. みさあき's Avatar
    I'm sorry.


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