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Cool Facts About LOD, Part-One

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I was rereading LOD1 earlier, out of boredom, and I found some funny/interesting things about Ellie and Jericho, both seperately and as a couple. And also, some fun-facts from me.

  • Jericho states at one point that explaining himself to Ellie was the only thing he found scarier than Hades
  • Ellie says that she heals wounds by picturing them closing
  • A friend of mine has compare the trio of Jericho, Ellie and Jason in LOD2 to the trio of Charlie, Sam and Patrick in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
  • The first time we see the full extent of Jericho and Ellie's powers, it's because someone upset them over the other. (Aphrodite girls teasing Ellie about being in the Hades-cabin, Jericho getting angry over Max kissing Ellie)
  • There was a sort of Running Thing in the first two things of Jericho going into a rage, and Ellie's voice being the only thing that can calm him.
  • When the original game started, Max and Jericho were fourteen, and Ellie was thirteen. But an event came-up where Jericho had to drive, so he was moved to sixteen, and Ellie was bumped to fifteen so there wasn't a three-year age-gap.
  • My friends who like LOD say that they imagine Ellie and Jason grew to be close friends during the gap between LOD and LOD2. She trusted him, and that's why she reacted so strongly to his defection. Jericho was kidnapped, Jason was the only friend she had left, and he abandoned Camp. And her. In Ellie's mind (in their headcanon), he betrayed her.
  • I imagine Ellie's voice to be like that of Ariel's daughter, Melody's in The Little Mermaid 2.
  • I have a fanfic that involves Jericho and Ellie being in a band, and in show-choir, and in my mind, Jericho always has the voice of Hunter Hayes.
  • I am writing my first novel, and Jericho is one of the main characters. He appears as the liberal son of conservative Senator. The book takes-place at a camp for boys, so Ellie is a supporting-character whose part in the book is largely done through conversations on Jericho's cellphone.

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  1. jasonwolf's Avatar
    only one mistake. Jericho was always sixteen.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    I never saw The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.
  3. Elphie's Avatar

    In the original LOD SU, it says 14.
  4. jasonwolf's Avatar
    we need another of these.


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