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Bubble Frog

Time for a New Bandwagon?!

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So, I noticed @Emolga; changed her name to Emolga.(She was formally Burgundy.) She has awesome Emolga fanart as her avatar, I was thinking of doing the same.....going over my options I was thinking:


Yep! Pokemon's token unevolving lower-class Dragon-type. All Dragons are viable useful and powerful Pokemon in one form or another. Of course with so much good going around, there has to be someones at the bottom and those Dragons are Altaria and Druddigon. Don't let that make you think they're bad battlers, Altaria is very strong and useful and a defensive Dragon that can take hits and has the ever so awesome Cotton Guard + Roost combo going for it. Druddigon is a strong Pokemon but is held back by its speed however, it's still strong and quite a defensive, bulky beast. He can run the fantastic Dragon Tail + Glare combo. Sheer Force and Rough Skin both rock, offensive and defensive abilities.

Other ideas I had were:

Flygon(Goggle Dragonfly, amazing in battle.)
Excadrill(Clay and Iris's were beasts!)
Haxorus(This needs no explaining)
Scraggy(This guy!)
Dragonite(Dat MultiScale!1111 And Iris's)


I mainly think it should be a Gym Leader-owned Pokemon or Elite Four Pokemon.

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  1. Kree's Avatar
    In-game, Druddigon is pretty good as a bulky sweeper.

    Haxorus is, of course, much better, but Haxorus is in a completely different tier than Druddigon.
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    I would suggest you go with Druddigon. It's head and shape looks better when it comes to BMGF profile themes.
  3. Sheep's Avatar
    Flygon and Scraggy are both amazing options, but I'm slightly biased. @~@
  4. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Thank you for the suggestions!

    I feel special :P

    Fun Opinion:Druddigon looks like the makings of a 4-year-old with legos.


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