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Magnagate Navigating 102

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aka the one where I briefly comment on every tier of selections

Tier 7 (3 stars)
Servine Lv22: Leaf Tornado/Tackle/Vine Whip/Growth
Pignite Lv20: Arm Thrust/Defense Curl/Flame Charge/Ember
Dewott Lv20: Tackle/Focus Energy/Water Gun/Razor Shell
Pikachu Lv23: Quick Attack/Thundershock/Electro Ball/Thunder Wave
The bad news is, aside from Pikachu, this is all shit. Sevine is probably the worst despite the presence of Growth - it's the only one without a corner-cutter IIRC. The good news is, everything else is shit too. Which also means Growth is quite pointless. The AI is smart enough to go for a Thunder Wave + Electro Ball combo with Pikachu, and also helps with Quick Attack from the rear, so it's the clear winner. Turn Defense Curl and Focus Energy RIGHT THE FUCK OFF on those two dickheads in the middle, though. The AI will annoy you to no end by using them.

Tier 6 (4-5 stars)
Servine Lv29: Leaf Tornado/Slam/Mega Drain/Growth
Pignite Lv25: Arm Thrust/Smog/Flame Charge/Ember
Dewott Lv27: Fury Cutter/Focus Energy/Water Pulse/Razor Shell
Pikachu Lv30: Slam/Thundershock/Thunderbolt/Double Team
Pretty bad. Yet unless you get thrown into an annoying Long dungeon early on (or get put up against a dick with multi-hit moves), you'll probably be fine. Dewott is probably the best to control, followed by Pignite, then Pikachu, then Servine. The AI sucks with everything, but Water Pulse sniping might be something. Just not a big a something as later on.

Tier 5 (6-7 stars)
Serperior Lv36: Leaf Blade/Slam/Mega Drain/Coil
Pignite Lv30: Arm Thrust/Rollout/Flame Charge/Heat Crash
Dewott Lv34: Fury Cutter/Razor Shell/Water Pulse/Aqua Jet
Pikachu Lv37: Feint/Thundershock/Thunderbolt/Double Team
Serperior!! But its stats aren't all that, also one of the reasons why I'm not bothering with them here. Anyway, it's probably the best for you strangely. Coil can be useful if you need a nuke or if you're up against accuracy-reducing dickheads. Pikachu is still meh, the different moves on Pignite don't make a difference and I think actually cut off its corner-cutter, and Dewott is okay. The first and last can back you up from behind with Aqua Jet or Feint.

Tier 4 (7-9 stars)
Serperior Lv43: Leaf Blade/Slam/Giga Drain/Coil
Pignite Lv35: Arm Thrust/Assurance/Flame Charge/Flamethrower
Samurott Lv40: Megahorn/Aqua Tail/Water Pulse/Aqua Jet
Pikachu Lv44: Feint/Discharge/Thunderbolt/Agility
Fraxure Lv38: Dragon Dance/Dual Chop/Dragon Claw/Slash
Aww yeah, Fraxure! Dragon Dance is simply ridiculous in any normal situation. Pump up, charge in and, and one-hit everything. But if everything's gone to shit, well. I got tossed into a nine-star Long dungeon, my Samurott partner failed horribly, and I was able to solo it with Pikachu. Between Agility, Discharge, and Feint, you simply have absurd spacing options. Keep your distance, and you can stay alive as long as you need to. The AI can do well with it too - especially with Discharge spam - but watch out for Lightningrodders. Samurott feels a little underwhelming in any scenario. Serperior is still Serperior, and AI Pignite is actually nice because it can snipe shit with Flamethrower.

Tier 3 (10-12 stars)
Serperior Lv48: Leaf Blade/Slam/Giga Drain/Coil
Emboar Lv40: Roar/Assurance/Flame Charge/Flamethrower
Samurott Lv46: Megahorn/Swords Dance/Water Pulse/Aqua Jet
Raichu Lv50: Feint/Discharge/Thunderbolt/Agility
Fraxure Lv45: Dragon Dance/Dual Chop/Dragon Claw/Dragon Pulse
Okay, this is pissing me off. WHY DOES THAT FAT FUCKING PIG HAVE FLAME CHARGE ON EVERY INCARNATION IT IS GOD-AWFUL AND TAKES FOREVER TO ANIMATE AND NEVER PROCS AND AUUUUUUUUGHHH. That aside, the other moves aren't that bad. Especially Roar, which is a nice GTFO manuever and can be funny when mixed with Flamethrower. Serperior is starting to lose some of its appeal here. Swords Dance isn't as good as it may seem, due to corners and Aqua Jet still feeling underwhelming afterwards regardless. The now-Raichu and Fraxure are still the same, except the latter now has a corner-cutter.

Tier 2 (12?-13 stars)
Serperior Lv58: Energy Ball/Leaf Storm/Giga Drain/Calm Mind
Emboar Lv52: Roar/Assurance/Flame Charge/Flamethrower
Samurott Lv58: Megahorn/Swords Dance/Hydro Pump/Aqua Jet
Raichu Lv60: Feint/Discharge/Thunder/Light Screen
Haxorus Lv55: Dragon Dance/Dual Chop/Dragon Claw/Dragon Pulse
Raichu losing Agility for Light Screen turns it from an amazing clutch and by far the best at soloing to absolute trash. The AI still handles it well though - backing you up with Feint and being able to spam Discharge if you adjust its moves. Haxorus wasn't broke, so it's good to see it wasn't fixed. The addition of Hydro Pump onto Samurott really doesn't make a difference in my experience. Fuck Flame Charge, and then we come to Serperior. What the fuck. Leaf Storm basically isn't worth it at all.

Tier 1 and Beyond (13 "You are going to be jumped by a legendary" stars)
Serperior Lv65: Energy Ball/Light Screen/Giga Drain/Calm Mind
Emboar Lv60: Flare Blitz/Brick Break/Flame Charge/Flamethrower
Samurott Lv65: Megahorn/Dig/Hydro Pump/Ice Beam
Raichu Lv65: Feint/Discharge/Thunder/Grass Knot
Haxorus Lv62: Dragon Dance/Dragon Tail/Dragon Claw/Giga Impact
Haxorus is your choice. Anything else is suicide when it comes time to throw down. Dragon Dance up, toss out a team attack, and hope you can kill it with overpowered Dragon Claws before it kills you. It's still just as helpful on the field, except with added fun from Dragon Tail being able to make people GTFO and Giga Impact being a nuke. On the other end of things, Raichu still is good with the AI and its fancy Discharge/Feint, though I'd take Agility over Light Screen over Grass Knot any day.

Samurott oddly lost Swords Dance, but Dig - if you can use it correctly - is mostly good for dodging attacks. Since you need Haxorus not to die, it's best with the AI, who can snipe with Ice Beam anyway - which is also fantastic on certain bosses. Serperior is probably a little better, and Emboar is a lot worse. The return of a Fighting move is nice, but seriously, fuck the asshole who thought you needed Flame Charge everywhere. It also loses the support Roar gave. It's absolute trash in your hands or the AI's - Flamethrower sniping aside.

Occasionally you'll find these same guys, but at higher levels. Same difference if you do.

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  1. Shiny Shinx's Avatar
    @System Error;

    On Teir 7 (3 Stars), I think Pignite is pretty good to control do to the fact it has Arm Thrust, which is a pretty good move. Defence Curl is good because it could balence out Pignite's bad Defence. In my experence so far, Pignite is the worst for the AI.

    Dewott is good to control, because in my experence, your almost gerentited to get a critical hit if you use Focus Energy. Dewott isn't that durable though.

    Sevine, is the worst offencivly, but it sticks around for awhile.

    You forgot to rate Axew for Tier 7 (3 Stars). Can you rate him for me?

    I haven't gotten to try Pikachu yet.

    In my opinion, Roar sucks because it does a very small amount of damage (that is, if it hits another Pokemon), and when it's the opponents turn, it could just move right back in front of you.

    I like what you said though... Although I only got to try Tier 7 (3 Stars) so far. Any tips on how to try to get into a higher star dungeon?
  2. System Error's Avatar
    @Shiny Shiny;

    The enemies hit so poorly at that stage that you honestly don't need Defense Curl. It's actually worse than Growth, because at least with that, you can pump up enough to get OHKOs and save a bit of time. And yes, Arm Thrust is pretty good and its best move. It's kind of irrelevant, though.

    I don't have a map that has Axew in 3-stars, and didn't know you could actually get it at all.

    The thing about Roar is, you need to use it when you have some spacing. Blast the enemy away, then shoot it with long-range Flamethrowers as it's trying to get back to you. Or if you're in an open-air dungeon (Cliffside), you'll warp them somewhere else.

    I honestly don't know what to tell you when it comes to getting higher-starred dungeons. Just try to scan and complete as many as possible - an remember, the closer you are, the more likely you are to do well. Just get right up there IIRC, I actually got a 10-star dungeon after only 8-9 scans. This might help you. Probably not.


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