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Tales of a Shiny Hunter

Weird Things Posted In Zima's Blog

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  1. Zima's Avatar
    At least I can edit your post. >:D
  2. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    I can spam you to death in Skype and tumblr. :I
  3. Zima's Avatar
  4. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    'K babe.
  5. Zima's Avatar
  6. Bill Cipher's Avatar
  7. Zima's Avatar
  8. Bill Cipher's Avatar
  9. Zima's Avatar
  10. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    Wait.... what are you happy about again?
  11. Zima's Avatar
    It's just a random emoticon. XD
  12. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    Random, eh? Well, I like to drink out of my water bottle as someone would liquor. :P
  13. Zima's Avatar
    I like to do voice impersonations to myself. I wonder what other people think of this conversation...
  14. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    they are forming an angry mob right now
  15. Zima's Avatar
    Let's keep this up, then.
  16. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    agreed milady
  17. Zima's Avatar
    People probably ship us...
  18. jokool's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kululu
    they are forming an angry mob right now

    Quote Originally Posted by Zima
    People probably ship us...
  19. Zexy's Avatar
    LOL @ all these comments! As a fellow blog member, I have the right to sue you! :P

    Well Well Well, we'll see...
  20. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    shipping is fun. i like shipping


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