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Me Gusta

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Alright, so today was one of those days where your fellow female family members drag you around to do some shopping and looking at other stuff. So my sister got a new notebook, while my mom had to buy every scented candle in existence because they were on sale, and I got new lenses for my glasses. Since putting in new lenses took about an hour, I felt totally blind that whole time. While we were waiting, my sister decided to get her new notebook at Barnes and Noble (where I have to read a bit of everything) when I was in a state where I couldn't see shit. Thanks a lot, sister. I love you girl, but sometimes you put me in bad situations (like leaving me alone with your friend's step-sister whom I barely know for a whole hour). So then we topped off our little trip by getting my mom and sister some body spray, and for some reason I didn't mind being like a test subject for the things they had in that shop. So I had one sprayed on my left arm called "Moonlight Path", and on my other arm was "Sea Breeze" or something like that. Then I put it together in my head. I realized I smelled like the moon and I smelled like the ocean.

Therefore, I smell like Princess Yue.

Me Gusta


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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
  2. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Interesting way of putting it.
  3. Zexy's Avatar
    That's why I hate shopping, especially when females are around. Luckily, I have no sister.... xD

    Courage, Princess Yue. Just courage...


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