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Marvelous Blog!

Answers, then Rants

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Answering the questions in the previous blog:

@BlueWartortle; to save some blogging space


now rants: oh this april fools day is way too simple

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  1. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
    The entirety of this blog is visible without needing to click on it.
    Then again, so was my own latest...partly because all it had was one line and a video.
  2. VoltChen Magneton's Avatar
    @Wishmaker Jirachi; That is usual for short blogs.
  3. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Let me rant a bit as well. ALL (the 100% of them) bandwagoned "Ask me" blogs are supposed to get their question answered by the blogger in the entry's comments, not in another blog, called "Answers to the previous one". Rants are okay, trust me


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