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Question: With Pokemon character's names on your articles; their names in kantakana; is that also their name as well?

Example: Dr. Seger = Zegeru-Hakase is what was on the page.

Please because I sick of people treating me like I'm stupid and that I don't know any Japanese at all.

Of course, I can never be like say... 2 certian people because.... they ARE Japanese?!; But seriously, I'm not making the whole Zegeru shit up.

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  1. xXFrostXx's Avatar
    Yes, their names in kantakana are their actual names in the original Japanese version of the anime. Google translate does translate the whole kantakana for Dr. Seger's name to Dr. Seger, but after breaking the kantakana up a few times, google did translate it to Zegeru followed by Hakaze(or PhD, as google spat up), so both translations are correct- it just depends on whether you translate the whole kantakana together or break it up. Most people appear to translate the whole kantakana together.


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