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Hey, noobs. I hope you've all been good while I was gone. I'll assume you did and not bother checking.

But so you guys know, I don't have access to the internet when I'm at my dad's, but for some reason, I have access to Skype. So if you ever need to reach me, my Skype is thegaryoak. But don't be a little shit.

Anyway, who wants to see pictures of my dog on her pillow pyramid?

PS: Planning to do an LP of Emerald or Yellow. If Emerald, what gender, name and starter?

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
    Emerald, boy, Karam, Treecko (too bad Karamazov is too big, Treecko makes it harder...)
  2. mariowie's Avatar
    Ow you where gone I didn't notice >:3
  3. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    Whether I was good or not depends on if there is any prize for being good.
  4. John Understands's Avatar
    Emerald, boy, johnr, Mudkip

    Also welcome back. Here, have a prize.

    (you obtained BoxOfNothin)
  5. Lugion's Avatar
    Oh shit, party's over! Cheese it!

    No, but seriously. Pick Treecko. And use a Slakoth.


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