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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved Dragonair. She couldn't help but admire it's beautiful, serpentine body, it's shiny pearls, the calm though determined expression it always wore. Even the color of it's hide was perfect in the eyes of this girl.

Especially in Shiny form.

And so the girl sought out Shiny Dragonair. After doing careful research, she found that there was a trainer in the bottom of a large tree who had a shiny Dratini. He would give up this Dratini to anyone who could find him and defeat him in the bottom of the tree. After hours of treacherous climbing and getting lost, the girl found this trainer and promptly curbstomped him into the ground. He gave her the Shiny Dratini, but to her disappointment, it was, and always would be, a male pokemon. This saddened her because Dragonair looks so feminine even in normal form, but blue of that shade is a good color for males. But pink, on the other hand, combined with a feminine form, would be emasculate.

Thus began the hunt for a shiny female Dratini.

Now, don't me me wrong, the girl appreciated the money and experience she earned from the tree. And the trainer was very generous, but she just doesn't like shiny male Dratini and Dragonair. She did name the male that she was given, and raised him with love and affection, but she still had a hunger to sate. So she went to the Global Trade Station and sought out a mate for him, and when both were fully evolved, they began to breed.

Hours went by, then days, but egg after egg proved fruitless in the girl's quest for her elusive Shiny Dratini. But then, just when she resigned herself to her fate of always hatching eggs and never getting the right result, one month after the hunt began, her prayers were answered.

She was laying in her bed when it happened. Trying to pull herself out of sleep, she heard the tell-tale beep of an egg ready to hatch. She simply ignored the egg while it wobbled and wiggled, it's occupant trying to escape, opting to watch TV instead. When she finally turned to look at the egg, lo and behold, a shiny Dratini was waiting for her. In astonishment, the girl quickly sat up and looked closer at her new pokemon. Her quest was over. Her shiny female Dratini had been born. The girl gave a loud squeal and jumped up and down in happiness, stopping only to bestow the pokemon with the name "Scarlet".

That girl is me, and I love my new, shiny pokemon. This was my first-ever Shiny-Hunt in the games that I completed, and I am very proud.

I'm moving on to getting a Shiny Roggenrola now :3

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  1. Codface's Avatar
    Grats Cat, Shiny Dragonair ftw
  2. Typhlosionisafirebadger's Avatar
    Omg you did iiiiiittt yaaaay
  3. SwampertShoes's Avatar
  4. Zexy's Avatar
    Gratzies! But come on, out of ALL 649 Pokemon, Roggenrola?
  5. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @BlueWartortle Hey! Shiny Gigalithe is pretty! The purple is the perfect shade and the sky blue contrasts beautifully *3*

    Thanks so much everyone <3
  6. Zexy's Avatar
    Got it. You like purple shinies
  7. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @BlueWartortle Indeed I do, but I also look at contrast and shading and stuff too.

    I mean look at that! That is fucking pretty!
  8. Zexy's Avatar
    I guess so. In fact, I never ever checked Shiny Pokemon sprites to find out my faves. Only the ones I have myself (Sharpedo, Spinda, Gyarados these are...)
  9. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @BlueWartortle I occasionally check them to see what I want to shiny hunt on GPX, but this was my second shiny-hunt in the games. My first one in Black 1 was Zorua, but I kinda gave up after around 60 eggs. Scarlet came to me well past that, I'd say maybe close to 100, but this time I wasn't focused solely on shiny-hunting. I'm also trying to fill my pokedex, so it's nice to get distracted with another chore that requires a bit more thought while I build up the step count on my eggs.
  10. Zexy's Avatar
    @Caitlena1980; No need to bug me with all these mentions I refresh blogs faster than talking, you know!

    And nope, I would never go shiny hunting. I am not THAT nerd...
  11. Catilena1890's Avatar
    LoL fine :P

    Shiny-Hunting is fun though! As long as you aren't totally focusing on it alone. My Zorua hunt failed because I was literally spending HOURS riding my bike back and forth from Driftveil City to the Daycare, and doing nothing else.


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