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what did i just type

just stuff I wanted to say

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this isn't very well organized or well written and I basically just ramble on about random stuff and I'd rather you just skip reading this don't say I didn't warn you

so yeah hi right now I've got a bit of a fever and runny nose I swear I used up two rolls of tissue so yeah uuhhh I'm not sure why you're reading this honestly but uuhh I just wanted to say please don't like judge me based on my blog entries or like use them against me somehow in the future??? I wonder what people think of me based on my blog entries, like what have they gleaned from them? Probably that I'm too obsessed with Adam Young and am a biased idiot who dislikes my sister and social interactions. Well I got news for you, everything is never as it seems, there's much more to me than that. I feel indifferent to the world. I actually am not biased with like a superiority complex thing not sure what you call it but it's that thing something like "oh I have a better music taste than you" or something or like that one where girls feel superior to other girls just because they don't wear dresses and skirts and play video games or something I don't know but yeah that thing. ugh I suck at explaining things so this probably doesn't even make sense. But that's what I'm not. like I don't know those comments on Owl City Youtube videos are just like uuuhhh I apologize my fandom is somewhat aggressive and overprotective about Adam. like someone once said "Owl City and One direction are tied" and uhhh you can guess what happened next I felt sad that they were like attacking her like I understand how they feel but just can u not I mean I have a classmate and she likes Justin Bieber and believe it or not she's actually pretty smart and responsible and gets called on by teachers a lot to recite in class so yeah it's sad that you get bullied for liking stuff that you like. not sure where this is going or if this still makes sense...i suck at explaining things so much asdfghjklsdfghjklasdfghjkl

so yeah my ability to communicate apparently has deteriorated along with my social skills because this blog entry probably doesn't make sense I wonder why you're still reading this if it clearly isn't going anywhere but seriously though there are good hoot owls out there don't lump them all together with me or something I don't know but most people are worried about Adam because have you seen his Twitter lately he's gone on a random following spree and it did not stop at 64, he's now following 120 people like what are you doing Adam luckily Adam's latest post on Tumblr has reassured me but there's this like rift sort of happening in the fandom because Adam's tweets are getting "weird" and some people are talking about leaving???? because they miss "the old Adam Young" well don't you remember that quote "there is no old Adam Young, there is no new Adam Young just different brushstrokes on the same canvas" something like that like I understand how they feel but please guys can we all just calm down and not like fight idk right now I'm pretty sure Silhouette and Tidal Wave sum up all my feelings for some reason.

All my life I wish I broke mirrors instead of promises 'cause all I see is a shattered conscience staring right back at me

I forget the last time I felt brave I just recall insecurity 'cause it came down like a tidal wave and sorrow swept over me

I'm sick of the past I can't erase, a jumble of footprints and hasty steps I can't retrace

The mountain of things I still regret is a vile reminder that I would rather just forget

I'm pretty sure the fandom calmed down tho but still sometimes they worry me and make me question our sanity idk but I'm really not good at explaining things and tend to not word things right so yeah misunderstandings happen so yeah this blog post sucks you know what you're better off leaving because I'm really not sure where this is going????

oh yeah and you'll probably not see me online as often as before I'm not like leaving but I dunno I guess I just sorta lost interest but I'll be back, mark my words I always come back no matter how long I stay away I always end up having a relapse and end up coming back I'm just currently more into Tumblr and stuff right now idk

so yeah I'm not sure where this went but I hope no misunderstandings arise due to my inability to adequately explain things let's face it I'm a mess and I've just gotten worse what am I doing with my life idk bye

I'm going to sleep now 'cause it's already like 10 PM

P.S. still neglecting proper punctuation because I feel indifferent to the world

soak your cares in solar flares

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
    Of course all hoot owls aren't the same! There's no need in persuading someone that every person in the world has a different personality.

    Still, no matter how scrambled may your entries get, you can become a great author if you want to. Consider it more.

    Leaving Bulbagarden once in a while is not bad, either. See you soon, gal!


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