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How many times did Axew get lost?

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Axew Gets Lost (or better Lost at the League), was the name of the most recent dub episode... After watching it again, I got an idea. Here, we recount how many times has Axew gotten himself lost...

Let's begin!

1) Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita. Not exactly lost, he escaped on his own, together with Scraggy, Gothita and some others after having a nightmare. It still wandered off, though.

2) Battling the Leaf Thieves. Axew got caught as hostage by mistake by a group of Durant, while he was sleeping. It was up to Ash/co to save the day. Not only did they, Axew didn't even realize he was lost all this time!

3) An Epic Defense Force. This was a flashback. When Luke asked Iris to cry because of her movie role as some princess, Iris said she couldn't. Luke told her to think that she lost Axew to help her, and she thought of such flashback. I still can't find out from which episode this is, though... Do you have any ideas?

4) Lost at the League. This one (current dub). Axew chases a baloon in Vertress City, gets rammed thrice by a group of outrageous fans, and finally gets attacked by 4 Trubbish and a Garbodor, causing it to fall over a cliff. However, he was saved and MADE A VOW to Iris not to wander around alone! Too bad he broke such vow at...

5) BW110. Team Rocket found the perfect plan to capture Pikachu! While Ash and Iris were having a battle, they secretly threw some Berries around Axew. Axew, being an Oshawott 2.0, started eating them one by one, following the trail that made it to TR. Pikachu had to follow and GOTCHA! Pikachu caught!

These are the only ones I have spotted out so far... Do you remember anything else? If you don't, WHADDAYA SAY about these ones?

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    You can probably count BW009 when it got caught in Scolipede's horns.
  2. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    i think iris needs one of those beepers for your car like when you park in a huge parking lot
  3. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Thanks for the BW009, Contrary.
    About Saturn Satelite 1 97 and such, I think that a simple GPS system would do wonders! Or better, a hair tie to not let Axew escape her hair...

    Yet, where did the BW082 flashback come from? Axew was in a train, and it wasn't in the Underground 2-parter!
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    BW051, and it was a different Axew that got lost.
  5. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Contrary
    BW051, and it was a different Axew that got lost.
    I remember that ep. Yet, why would they flashback a different Axew?! LULZ...


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