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What a Day

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Over the past few months, my family had been expressing interest in getting a new dog, presumably so our nine-year-old German shepard mix could have a "buddy". The problem was that our dog is a guard dog, and I really didn't think adding a new dog into the household was a good idea. I thought I had made it clear that I didn't want another dog.

Well, with my 16th birthday coming up in less than a week, my family went ahead and got a new dog anyway. Apparently mom had been planning for this new puppy so I could have a companion when I go off to college. When mom opened up the van and I saw a little rat terrier/chihuaha mix sitting there, I simply had no words. The first thing I pictured was prying apart the two dogs and giving this little guy back to the shelter.

But apparently mom had also read up on how to introduce dogs to each other and it worked surprisingly well. As I type this from my iPhone in the yard, the little one is sitting in a fenced-off part of the big one's territory, and they're getting along well. They aren't fighting, anyway.

Really, I didn't want this, and I still would rather have not gotten another dog. I just feel like now I have to raise a juvenile mammal along with over-coming my depression and dealing with the stress that it causes in my life. This isn't helping my paranoid tendencies and all it's really doing right now is filling me with dread.

But I'm stuck with him, so I'll do this whole "raising a puppy" thing anyway. I named him Stucco, because he's colored like a piece of stucco and because I'm stucc with him now.

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  1. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Best Wishes!

    Stucco... :-O
  2. Jolene's Avatar
    I think George is a much better dog name.
  3. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    @Jolene; My brother wanted to name him Taco.


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