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rant: "god hates fags" - the westboro baptist church

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Anyone who's heard the phrase "god hates fags" knows of the westboro baptist church. They are the fools who pretend to be Christians that picket funerals and protest gay rights, jewish comunities, and thank god for trageties such as death, disasters and such, claiming that it's god's judgement and punishment.
first, let's tackle the whole "god hates fags" thing:
First of all, "god hates" just doesn't sound right. God is supposed to be the positive and the benevelence of the world. Satan/The Devil/ lucifer or whatever you want to call him, simbolizes the negative of this world.
Also, why would god create something that he hates? it'd be like me going on to my podomatic account and making a podcast that promotes Justin Bieber, even though i don't like his music one bit.
Also, the only one who hates gay people ("fags" is an affensive term and doesn't help you out at all WBC) is the felpses and their little clique, if you can even call them a clique. they're a hate clique, and if anyone dares question them, then they're kicked out.
This leads me into the next point:
WBC tends to not like it when anyone questions the authority of mr. felps. well sorry, some people just don't understand. they expect a 12 year old, and even a 3 year old to understand every damn one of their hate speaches, song parodies (lady gaga, please sue the WBC, please?!) and signs without question. if they ask "why does god hate fags?" shurly responds "because the bible speaks against them." leading me to the next point.
Bible references:
The people of the westboro baptist hate clique tend to refer to the scriptures. However, they don't use the whole bible the way catholics and other such people do, they hand-pick sertain verses, scriptures and such that adhear to their expectations of hate, and use them to justify their hatred against people.
Louis Theroux even asked why they called homosexuals "fags" and they said, "well we can't call them gay people, because gay means happy." are you guies kidding me? he asked them why they can't say "homosexuals" or even "homo" for short, and they say "we don't care if we affend them, god hates them."
Are you guies kidding me? you actually expect me to believe that this hateful entity that you worship is god? no damn way. you can tell me "well god will send you to hell!" all you want, and i'll just say "yeah, keep on worshiping satan, meanwhile, i'll be here in canada where you guies are not allowed, worshiping the real god, the one who loves all and hates no one."
several mentions i want to make:
Shurly Felps Roper:
You my friend need some sserious help. I usually don't wish pain on people, but i hope someone throws a rock at you while you're picketing a funeral, because you're not promoting god's word at all, you're promoting hate.
Fred Felps Sr.:
Dude, you're 84 years old and you seriously believe all of this shit? you started this shit up just to prove a point, and you know it. the sad thing is though fred, nobody cares. nobody wants to hear your precious little speaches about how gays are abomonations and shit like that.
Lauren and Libby:
I put my heart out to you. you were rejected by your family, yet you still love them and want to see them again. it breaks my heart to think that that bitch and her shit headed father are leading your family into thinking that you're going to hell. i can assure both of you girls that you're going to heavin, god loves everyone including you, and that we all feel for you.
Picketing trageties:
You are so insensative WBC.
They seem to think it's okay to picket the funerals of people who died for them, and also of 20 young children and 6 or so staff members of an elementary school. All of this on the basis of "it's god's punishment to America."
Thank god for...:
WBC tends to act like things like 9/11, and dying soldiers are punishments from god. what makes things worse is that they also rejoice in the thoughts of people dying because of these things.
Even worse, they rejoice natural disasters i.e. the Tahobu Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, the Missouri tornadoes and such.
Are you serious? Shurly, you're 55 years old, and you actually believe this? for real? this is just complete bullshit, and you are Morbid, and your whole clique are morbid for the way you act, the way you laugh af these disasters like they're some sort of comical act.
Final thoughts:
WBC, your whole ajenda is stupid and vile, and i whole heartedly support Anonymous in their attacks against you.
I support their operation of hacking you guies, and of forming a blockade to prevend you from getting at the sandy Hook funerals.
Special Mention:
TO all those in that biker group who protected that funeral from the WBC, i would like to commend you guies.
To lady gaga: please sue the pants off of the WBC.
To all other artists whom they've parodied: sue sue sue!
thank you.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    they're a hate clique,
    Thanks, now I'm just sort of picturing the Church as the Plastics from Mean Girls.
  2. Niji's Avatar
    Agreed. Ignorance pisses me off so much. I don't understand how people can be mindless enough to believe some of the crap they spew. Your deity of goodness is the one causing agony, disaster, and suffering for innocent people? I thought that was up to the forces of evil? There's also nothing bad about love. Girls have romantic feelings for guys, so why can't guys have romantic feelings for guys? Gender shouldn't keep people who are right for each other apart.
  3. Jolene's Avatar
    These people give Christians a bad name. God loves the people. He loves all his creation. He just doesn't like what some of them do.

    I hate extremists. Propogating hatred should have ended quite a while ago. If it wasn't for freedom of speech, I would not mind sending all hate groups to North Korea. I'm sure they would love it there.
  4. Zexy's Avatar
    I am totally right with you (your whole opinion about God/Bible/religion is 100% the same with mine), but I doubt that such things will ever cease to happen. It's an inate tendency of every human being to hate someone/something, be it homosexuals or something else. Either by relegion or something else, these groups will just keep thriving.
  5. Azumarill39's Avatar
    i agree, shame really.
  6. CrackFox's Avatar
    Of course I agree with you, luckily so does most of the population. I did find their interview with Russell Brand quite funny though. He handled it well, even though they did make him his own placard.