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what did i just type

oh and another thing

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I am drowning my sadness in more sadness by listening to Lonely Lullaby. Another thing that really annoys hoot owls that I forgot to tell you about and please no more trolling this time, like yeah I don't actually mind trolls and you can go troll all my other posts but can you guys not joke on this one because it's serious. When people say that Lonely Lullaby (or Vanilla Twilight but I'm mostly on Lonely Lullaby here) was written for his dead girlfriend. It wasn't. He doesn't even have a dead girlfriend. Annmarie is still very much alive, she did not die in a car crash or whatever, she just moved to California. Just stop with the dead girlfriend comments, ok? STOP RUINING A BEAUTIFUL SONG WITH YOUR LIES. You can really feel the emotion Adam put into Lonely Lullaby, and all those times he had to stop recording because he ended up crying while singing it... You can really sense all that sadness in it and it's just asdfghjkl. I'm not sure what put me into this melancholy mood in the first place, though but it's probably not gonna leave any time soon. Perhaps melancholy is nostalgia's best friend.

P.S. sorry for two blog entries in a row, I actually checked and it's not against the rules but I'd still like to apologize anyways

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    Wow, I've never heard this song until now ;-; . I like it.
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    I can see their point. Lonely Lullaby is truly a depressing song, and fans tend to overreact to such things. I still don't like it when any fan accuses any artist about his/her work being product of some bad experience (death or anything else), though. After all, if you like the song as is, why would you care?

    You just do what you think is right. Listen to your fave song and ignore all outsiders that try to ruin whatever they come across.


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