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Average Tumblr conversation

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At least, when it's not FANGIRL SQUEEEEEE over a picture of some British actor.

There are just so many people who are so quick to anger on that site, and I couldn't help but be reminded of Pesto from Animaniacs! - always looking for a reason to be offended by everything Squit says:

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  1. Winterdaze's Avatar
    You know what would be neat? Some kind of program that automatically converts tumblrspeak into coherent sentences.

    For example you open a page after installing the program:
    askhfkgkg cAN we just talk about Pokemon I'm crying omg feels
    --->I like Pokemon.
  2. Vanillish Twilight's Avatar
    I'd just like to say that not all Tumblr users are like that, perhaps most of them but not all
  3. Likeitornot.'s Avatar
    The only quirk of typing that Tumblr has that I have difficulty with is the people who use all lowercase and just that. Because, I always wonder (in some cases you can tell straight away), "Are they being sarcastic or genuine?"
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    Tumblr taught me that I should assume everyone is racist/homophobic/femmephobic/etc., and shame and insult anyone who so much as makes an off-color joke that isn't about asdfghjkl. Because everyone is offensive if you think hard enough and try to find a way.
  5. Frenzy Plant's Avatar
    One of my major gripes with Tumblr speak is this "I am 200% done" etc. nonsense. Where do they pick that up? They see each other doing it and assume they're being absurdly quirky and whimsical and unique. All so unique in exactly the same way. Infuriating. And as a British person, there are countless thousands of American teenage girls/early twenties women who have some massive misconceptions about Britain. I pity their naivete and rage at their wilful ignorance in equal measure.
  6. Misato Katsuragi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vanillish Twilight
    I'd just like to say that not all Tumblr users are like that, perhaps most of them but not all
    Oh, I know. But those other people aren't as funny.
    Updated 18th March 2013 at 03:37 PM by Misato Katsuragi
  7. Shinobu's Avatar
    omg i can't with this post.

    i am out of cans.


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