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Duel Tournament Update

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Okay, now to be more serious...

So far, we've had 6 duelists successfully move on in the tournament! They are myself, @Akuraito; @Karis; @Railgun of Gusto; @BoomShakaLarka; and @FinalArcadia;

6 duels down, 6 to go! We still have:

@Shift Gear; Vs. @The Miz;
@Momoka; Vs. @BlackGroudon;
@ChaosEncounter; Vs. @Truth is Elusive;
@Booster Gold; Vs. @Majin Mew;
@Fushimi; Vs. @SnorlaxMonster;
ExxodKingOfDemise Vs. @Locked In My Asylum;

I was planning on starting the second round this weekend, but seeing as we're only halfway through the first round.....

Anyway, round 2 will start as soon as these duels are completed, or if one of the opponent is a no show in a duel. I was thinking about making the deadline for these duels tonight at around midnight, but I've decided to change that to the end of this weekend. So by around Monday morning my time (which should be morning for most of you (I think)), I would like all of you who still have duels to finish to report in (comment on this blog), and at least set up a time to have your duel. The duel can be had after this weekend if necessary as long as you report in and set a time before the weekend ends.

As for LIMA and her opponent (who isn't on Bulbagarden), I'll have to have BoomShakaLarka set a time up for Exxod since he can't comment here.

Good luck to the remaining duelists!

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  1. 蜃気楼's Avatar
    Love the hair part! xD

    I'll try to have majin and me finish up today. xD
  2. Ebail's Avatar
    I'm hoping that me and Shift can get it done over the weekend without any d/cing happening like it did last weekend. Sorry for not having it done sooner, but all the times good for him conflicted with my sleep for work, and all of my times conflicted with his stuff.
  3. Niji's Avatar
    That hair. Congratulations ta the victors. And for those who have yet ta win, good luck, y'all!
  4. Night Sky's Avatar
    Attention duelists! My hair is telling me that you are late to the party!
  5. joe homie charles's Avatar
    My bro will be on tomorrow for sure. I don't know when; I just hope Lima can be on for a good chunk of the day. If he can't go on tomorrow, he'll have to drop.
  6. jokool's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BoomShakaLarka
    My bro will be on tomorrow for sure. I don't know when; I just hope Lima can be on for a good chunk of the day. If he can't go on tomorrow, he'll have to drop.
    I'll let her know!
  7. SnorlaxMonster's Avatar
    @Fushimi; and I should have our duel done in the next 24 hours. I've got plenty of free time on the weekend, and that should help with any timezone issues we have.
  8. jokool's Avatar
    SnorlaxMonster has successfully defeated Fushimi and will move on to the second round!

    7 duels down, 5 more to go! Who else will move on to the second round?
  9. jokool's Avatar

    ExxodKingOfDemise has defeated LIMA.....

    *ahem* Anyway, Exxod will be moving on to the second round!

    With less than a day left before the first round deadline, we still have 4 more duels:
    @Shift Gear; Vs. @Ebail;
    @Momoka; Vs. @BlackGroudon;
    @ChaosEncounter; Vs. @Truth is Elusive;
    @Booster Gold; Vs. @Majin Mew;

    Hopefully we can get the last few duels done in time, but if anyone needs more time, let me know.
  10. Ebail's Avatar
    @Doctor jokool; Waiting for him to be around, since he keeps having issues connecting based on a message he sent me Friday night.
  11. Windfall's Avatar
    Still waiting on my opponent to get on.
  12. 蜃気楼's Avatar
    Still waiting for my opponent to get on
  13. Shiny Metagross's Avatar
    We'll likely get it done later today, I think.
    Sorry about taking so long, though. I ha unexpected connection troubles.
  14. jokool's Avatar
    Last warning for @BlackGroudon; @ChaosEncounter; and @Majin Mew;
    If I don't hear from you by tonight, I will have to disqualify you.

    @Shift Gear; That's okay, I understand. Hope things work out for you when you get to duel.
  15. ChaosEncounter's Avatar
    I posted what happened on yur profile jokool and sorry for any hold ups and stuff I caused
  16. jokool's Avatar
    Like I said, no need to apologize. Crazy stuff happens.


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