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Poke-Purchase time!

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Got a package from my Proxy from Japan today. In that package was something Pokemon-related. That "something" was a Pokemon Passport Case, issued in 2000 from ANA (All Nippon Airways; the airlines that have the Pokemon airplanes). I had never seen this anywhere before, so I was stoked to have found it existed, and I was super excited that I bought it. Here's what it looks like (Sorry for the shit images):

I'm loving it so much. The Pichu Bros. really did it for me, along with ANA's branding.

The back cover is also cute. It looks like a sky with clouds, but it's actually the cut-outs of Pikachu and the Bros..

Along with the Passport case, it came with a Luggage Tag.

I have no idea how you would go about putting this on a piece of luggage though, so it could be something else. Nevertheless, it's adorable.

Why I think it's a Luggage Tag: Why else would it have that slip in the back?

Anyhoo, I am extremely happy that I made this Poke-purchase :D

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  1. mariowie's Avatar
    Maybe putting that pickachu through that slit or something.
    Well these things really look nice :)


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