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My insight into peta's mindset.

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Get ready, this is long, unless you skip the e-mail part, maybe even still:
I'm ready to reveal this to you guies, because i think it's time that people know about how peta works with some cases.

I posed as an entity known as Andre Jones and sent an e-mail to peta stating that i tried to go vegan, but my doctor said that it would be detremental to my health to the point of being near fatal to me if i was to go vegan.

i also made an enquirey about "double trouble" and they still clame it's real, even though i know that Ingrid Newkurk herself probibly made it up.
Here's the e-mail they sent back to me in response to my message:
here's the e-mail if you dair:

"Dear Andre,

Thank you for contacting PETA.

Sadly, Double Trouble and the other cats who suffered at University of Wisconsin-Madison were real animals. This is public information, easily accessible on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) website (

Regarding your other concern, many studies prove that a vegan diet is much healthier than one that is based on animal products. For example, vegans have a fraction of the heart attack rate of carnivores. Cholesterol, the principal culprit in heart disease, is only found in animal products. Thus, vegans have a heart disease mortality rate which is one-tenth (or less) that of carnivores. A low fat vegan diet can actually reverse heart disease. It’s 100% preventable, based solely on diet.

Vegans have a 40% lower rate of cancer than carnivores, because diets high in animal protein and fat put one at much greater risk for cancer. Also, 95% of human toxic chemical exposure comes from eating animal products. Thus, women who eat meat daily get breast cancer at 3.8 times the rate of women who eat meat sparingly. Men who consume animal products daily get fatal prostate cancer at 3.6 times the rate of men who consume these products sparingly or not at all.

That said, we recommend that you contact the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) for more information about plant-based foods and dietary restrictions: [url][/url].

Thanks again for writing and for all that you do to help animals!


Kate Hendrickson

Membership Correspondent

PETA Foundation"

basicly they are telling me to go vegan anyway even though i supposedly have major probloms with my metabolism, to the point where going vegan may prove fatal to me.

Of corse as i mentioned above, this was like a test on peta's consideration of people, and i see that they've sunk to a whole new low.
A person who has metabolism probloms states this and that a vegan diot could prove fatal to them, and peta just tells them to "go vegan anyway." even though the doctor says that it is highly advisable to the person that they not cut out their meat for any reason.

as for your clames about the cat, i feel you're over-exagerating things, and if indeed what you say is true, then surely the school board would have had those teachers fired on the spot, i mean animal crualty i'm sure is forbidden in the classroom in the US as well as here in canada, is it not? last i checked, biology teachers only exparamented on dead animals, animals that they didn't kill themselves either.
there you go, a little insight into the abyss of peta's minds. SOOOO EEEEEEMMMMMMTTTTTTYYYYYY!

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  1. Azumarill39's Avatar
    [QUOTE=TheMissingno.;bt275594]I sure do hope your spelling was better in your email than it was in this blog (though somehow I doubt that it was).

    Old tired argument is old and tired. Our bodies need a certain set of nutrients in order to survive. It does not care where it gets those nutrients as long as it gets them. We are capable of obtaining all of these nutrients in things other than meat. We know this and can do this because humans have something called intelligence, an evolutionary adaptation that most other animals do not have.

    If you want to eat meat that's perfectly fine with me, go ahead. There are plenty of good reasons to eat meat. Just don't fall back on this argument because it's old and tired and I'm surprised that I still have to explain this to people.

    How about you don't de-humanize people just because you don't agree with their views on an issue?[/QUOTE]

    How about this:
    We agree to disagree, ok?
    Updated 1st March 2013 at 02:45 PM by Azumarill39
  2. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    No, I think I'll stay here. Sure you're free to say whatever you want, but I'm also free to point out that you are wrong.

    I have no intention of getting you banned, that's purely up to you.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    If people can't continue this discussion calmly without fighting and rude comments, this blog entry is going to be locked. Play nice now.
  4. Azumarill39's Avatar
    [QUOTE=TheMissingno.;bt275597]No, I think I'll stay here. Sure you're free to say whatever you want, but I'm also free to point out that you are wrong.

    I have no intention of getting you banned, that's purely up to you.[/QUOTE]
    I know i'm not wrong, simply because i know that eating meat does not encourage animal abuse.
    On the contrary, i think that should an animal be raised for slaughter, that they should be kept in good condissions, kinda like what my uncle does on his farm.
    he rases cattle for slaughter, and he still shows love for them, and makes sure they live happy healthy lives.
    It's actualy a standard of meat industries to treat their animals with care, and when it comes time to kill them, to do it as painlessly as possible.
    so knowing this, how am i wrong for thinking that peta's assumtions are unreasonable.
    also, another thing:
    Their recent attempts for publicity via their "super tanooki skin" parrody and their "pokemon black and blue" parrody are kinda dumb.
    I admit, the super tanooki skin game is funny and disturbing at the same time, and that the pokemon black and blue game has decent background music, but the idea of mario ripping off a raccoon's fur, or pokemon trainers abusing their pokemon just to get the message of animal abuse to kids is rather disturbing.
    I can reasonably say that no level headed person would agree with the ideas behind the games, no matter how funny the sounds of the game are, or how good the music is.
    also the idea of splattering red paint on garments made of animal products, shooting bullets, rocks, paint balls and such at businesses to cause colateral dammage, yeah, how is that sane?
    and what about them promoting the firebombing of that lab in California? i'm not trying to prmote animal testing, but at least i knwo that it helps out with the metical field.
    so basicly, i'm not wrong for thinking that peta are full of shit. you can support them if you want to, but i won't, so let's agree to disagree, mmkay?
    Updated 1st March 2013 at 03:06 PM by Azumarill39 (fixed)
  5. SwampertShoes's Avatar
    I'd like to add my two cents! =]
    I, myself, am I vegan. But I believe in eating meat as well. The reason I don't do so is because of what I've read and seen, with all of the antibiotics stuffed in them and awful conditions that most factories put them through.
    Good for your uncle, Catalyst! =]
    I'm a living example of a good vegan, having done much research on vitamins and their sources. There have been blood tests run for reassurance. But personally, I've also gotten the wrong medical advice from someone who is very educated in the medical field, when they've been in it for many years.
    As for PETA, there're a mixture of people working for them, so I couldn't put a label on them. I don't doubt there are people there that would crucify humans for animals, so to speak, and that group sounds more or less sketchy, such as in the case of the cat incident I just read about. I don't know enough about them, but from what it sounds like, it makes vegans look a bit bad, doesn't it? ^^'
  6. Gengarzilla's Avatar
    Those people over in Peta have a lot to answer for...
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