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Happy Valentines Day!

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Thought I'd wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day since mine was decent so Happy Valentines Day!

@Yata; My Faerie

@Momoka; My dear Momo

@Koukoubean; My Dancer



@Zima; My Precious Zima

@The Miz; Ebail


@Setra; My bulbason

@Master Mew; Just to entertain jokool

And anyone who I didn't post card and chocolate for sorry ran out of pic room but I will mention just to say Happy Valentines Day.

@Mintaka; @Paperhorse; @Buoy; @Booster Gold; @Polkadot Jolteon; @Xelda97; @Kurloz Makara; @Meulin Leijon; @gallowsCalibrator; @Zenax; @Soul Master; @Dark Blueberry; @Shadows; @ZeXalLavenRayV; @Doctor jokool; @Akuraito; @HumanDawn; @User_Name; @Anyone else I didn't mention because my brain is fried but I tried.

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  1. Terrell's Avatar
    Happy valintimes day midori!. my gift to you is letting you win. -giggles-
  2. Baf's Avatar
    Happy Valentines Day :)
  3. Mintaka's Avatar
    @Midorikawa; aw, that was sweet of you. Thanks for the mention!
  4. Sonico's Avatar
    Thank you very much, Happy (late) Valentines Day to you too! :3c
  5. Setra's Avatar
    Happy Valentines Day Bulbamommy! : D
  6. xelda57's Avatar
    Yay for lateness. Happy Valentines Day to you, too! XD
  7. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    *salute* HVD. I don't do it, but hey-ho.
  8. jokool's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Midorikawa
    Just to entertain jokool
    Also, hint!

    Sorry I'm late in replying.... Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

  9. Midorikawa's Avatar
    @Doctor jokool; I was going to have that exact last pic for someone but then I hit the twenty pic limit.

    That PichuGIF is adorable
  10. Pain Split's Avatar
    Heh. Glad you remembered me. Hm...
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