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I am such a hopeless masochist.

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Re-watching a certain famous Let's Play with some new companion commentary alongside it has made me realize something.

Me watching Best Wishes is like Pokecapn playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

Seriously, if I weren't living in a condo surrounded by people who'd get on my case for it (and living with my mom too, I guess), I would probably be screaming "MURDER!" and "MOTHER OF SHIT!" and of course, a cluster of "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" bombs every time I watched the Black & White anime series. Watching how they make this story is as frustrating as Pokecapn fighting with the controls of the game to try and not have Sonic die to a glitch or being hung up on the stage's geometry, or THE CAMERA. The stories and characters are all relatively terrible in both mediums.

But before you tell me to stop whining and stop watching the show... remember that Pokecapn stuck through to the bitter end. The price he paid for it was the sacrifice of his sanity, and I'm pretty sure I lost my sanity years ago. What do I have to lose. I have to see how this trainwreck ends.

Place bets on the odds of me breaking into a song in monotone in between my posts when Best Wishes reaches the homestretch. I think it'll take a song more powerful than Rocket Man to end the nightmare once and for all. Under Pressure, maybe? ... Though Crazy by Seal more accurately describes my situation.

Maybe I'll break into Medibot's mantra of "JUNK. JUNK. JUNK. J U N K, JUNK!!!". All I know is that when I'm in a bad mood or feeling particularly miserable, it takes the suffering of others to make me feel better. That way I can remind myself that it can always be worse.

That way I won't have a Tourettes-esque impulse to insert a random "MOTHERFUCKER!" in my posts where I almost seem semi-serious.

Wait, that makes me a sado-masochist, doesn't it?

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  1. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Know feel uuum? Mam?
  2. matt0044's Avatar
    I still think you could try your hand at a parody fic to express your discontent and make humor out of it.


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