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Faerie-type Speculation HQ: Part 2: Gameplay Style

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What kind of Stats would Faerie-type Pokemon have?: Types tend to have a general pattern when it comes to what stats they excel in, and what stats they faulter in. This is, of course, not set in stone, as we have Pokemon of other types with stat distribution that is abnormal for their Type, but rather sort of a mean-summary of all the Pokemon belonging to the Type.

* HP: Since Audino and Chansey are two key-players when it comes to Pokemon who will receive the Faerie-type, HP will probably be the one stat that many Faerie-type Pokemon excel at, and, indeed, most of the Faerie-type candidates I suggested are known for their HP. After all, Fairies tend to be associated with longevity and such, so having a lot of health makes sense.

* Physical Attack: For the most part, especially among pure-Faerie Pokemon, quite low. You don't really associate Fairies with straight-up physical might, and most Faerie-type Pokemon tend to use moves that are suited for helping their friends out, or wearing down their opponent through other means. Granbull, a Faerie-type candidate (and one of the vaguer ones, imo) would be one exception to this.

* Physical Defense: Like above, would probably tend to be low as most Faerie-type Pokemon have rather frail, or soft, appearances. The most Defense-oriented Faerie-type Pokemon would probably belong to dual-types.

* Special Attack: Not super-high, but most Faerie-type Pokemon would be able to utilize "magical" skills more so than physical ones, so you'd probably have a few Special Sweepers that mix that with support moves and such.

* Special Defense: Along with HP, probably the highest average stat among Faerie-type Pokemon since they would naturally have some sort of mystic barriers and such to protect themselves from harm.

* Speed: Probably mixed. You have the big, HP ones who don't need speed to function, and you'd have the smaller, flitting creatures which are super-fast and able to quickly use their moves to weaken the opponent before they can attack at full strength, like using Tickle to weaken them down.

How would the Faerie-type interact with the other 17 Types?

The Faerie-type itself has the following attributes...

* IMMUNE TO DARK: The main "idea", it's a Dark-counterpart Type, so I thought it'd be natural that these creatures that tend to be rather friendly and helpful would be able to overcome the Dark-type trickery. Or, perhaps the Faerie-type Pokemon are such tricksters themselves, they've got Dark beat?

* RESIST PSYCHIC AND DRAGON: For Psychic, well, it seems like Faerie-type Pokemon, having minds that are somewhat pure, would be able to resist Psychic manipulation, for the most part. As for Dragon, well, it'd be interesting for the new type representing mythical beings to resist the other type, wouldn't it? Plus, in Fairy Tales, usually the Dragon loses.

* WEAK TO POISON, BUG, AND GHOST: For Poison and Bug, I wanted to give them another type they're good against. It's also kind of based on where you'd find Fairies, which is usually in forests and such, and thus poison, which destroys forests (think Ferngully) and thus you can see Poison basically corrupting the purity of Faerie Pokemon. As for Bugs, well, they're...like the same size as your typical little Fairy, and you can kind of seeing them basically creeping them out and all. And then Ghost, well, ghosts just seem like good enemies for Fairies.

Other types interact with the Faerie-type in this way...

* NO TYPE IS IMMUNE TO FAERIE: Well, I was thinking, the Faerie-type mainly involves moves that are less attacking, and more supporting, so there's no need to have Pokemon immune to the type. It's not an offensive-based type, really, so there's no need to use an immunity to balance it.

* NO TYPE IS WEAK TO FAERIE: I feel that once more, the nature of Faerie-type Pokemon and Moves doesn't really lend well to any Pokemon being weak to them. It's more of a Type where it's own safety is prioritized over beating down the foe.

* STEEL, GHOST, PSYCHIC, and DRAGON RESIST FAERIE: Ghost is strong against Faerie-types in both ways. Faerie-type moves are able to hit them, unlike Normal, but they're able to shrug it off more or less. Faerie isn't a big powerful type, so Steel resists it like the others. As for Psychic and Dragon, I thought it'd be interesting if they're unable to hurt Faerie-types, but also aren't weak to them either.

What kinds of Moves would Faerie-type Pokemon learn?: Like Normal Pokemon, Faerie-types would actually be able to learn a pretty generous range of moves due to their "magic", although I'm thinking some of the newer Faerie-type Pokemon made in Gen VI could be more grounded, being a bit more focused and such while the Normal -> Faerie transfers would keep their larger move pools as a nod to longtime players.

As for Faerie-type Moves, they'd mostly focus on support moves, as opposed to POWER, like Dark tends to do. Although, in this case, the support moves are usually for HELPING allies and themselves instead of HURTING foes through trickery. Of course, there'd still be stat-lowering Faerie-type Moves like Tickle, and many "Attract" style moves would now be Faerie. Most of the attack-based Faerie-moves are variable, doing different damage based off the RNG to embody the trickery aspect of fairies.

Like with the Pokemon, old Normal Moves would become Faerie...mostly ones that aren't based off physical attacks and such...but, since most of them are Status, this wouldn't change much, it's more for flavor. Here's a list:

* After You
* Attract
* Bestow
* Captivate
* Charm
* Double Slap (it's the signature move of Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Chansey too)
* Encore
* Entrainment
* Follow Me
* Heal Bell
* Helping Hand
* Lovely Kiss
* Lucky Chant
* Me First
* Metronome
* Moonlight (due to many Faerie-type candidates having connection to the moon)
* Present
* Recover
* Refresh
* Safeguard
* Sing
* Sweet Kiss
* Teeter Dance
* Tickle
* Wish

Next entry, I'll give some ideas for New Faerie-type Pokemon, including dual-types!

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    Don't know. Type doesn't stand out, it's too Normal. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH
  2. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    im guessing fairy types would be similar to normal and psychic, not too sure but thats my guess


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