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Advice wanted

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So as some of you might know I am homeschooled. But now that I'm about to enter High School I'm having trouble thinking of what I want to do. Should I stay homeschooled or should I go to public school? So I'' wondering on y'all's opinions on it. Even if you haven't homeschooled opinions from all sides are important things. So what do y'all think? Should I
1) Stay homeschooled
2) Go to public school

Please and thank you.

who knows with this not at 11:30 at night it might get comments.

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  1. Baf's Avatar
    Public School, it may take some time to adjust, but I think the school experience will be invaluable to you, from a social aspect. Depending on how you're home schooled you may not have a lot of socializing opportunities, such as school dances and what not.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    High school was definitely a great experience for me, because I met a lot of friends and interacted with the outside world a lot more. Sure, there are a few downsides in both the social and educational sides (a teacher would have a whole class to teach, meaning you would not get as much attention), but it's a good opportunity.

    What about going to high school for a semester or a year, and going back to home schooling if you decide it's not for you?
  3. Mikes Gardevoir's Avatar
    Plus in High School there's a lot more classes to choose from instead of just core classes. Like woodshop, graphic design, and a bunch of other fun classes that you can take too!
  4. Sunburn's Avatar
    I would say do High School. You'll make friends and have some fun experiences, I think it would be a good thing :)
  5. GliscorMan's Avatar
    Hm, there's an interesting dilemma. While homeschooling is decent and lets you work at your own pace, the social aspect is what makes High School awesome.

    You see, in Middle School everyone's judgmental. In High School, some people are judgmental. But you don't need to worry about them, because you'll always be able to find someone with similar interests as you. Join a few clubs, or something. Put a TARDIS on your binder or a Pikachu on your planner. If anyone notices at all, they probably enjoy it, too. High School is a wonderful thing.
  6. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I went to high school after being home schooled and the transition wasn't bad if I were a better student my high school life would have been awesome
  7. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    I was homeschooled throughout high school, although I did attend half-day sessions for a while. My reasons, however, was because I was regularly bullied and even beaten just for existing, so I gained extreme paranoia and social phobia (both of which are still with me today). However, I doubt you have the same reasons as me, so here's my view.

    Homeschooling allows more of a one-on-one relationship, enabling better concentration and less pressure. When you're homeschooled, you can actually build up a relationship with your teacher or tutor (both of my tutors ended up family friends, though one died in a car accident after I graduated), which, in turn, helps them understand you better and how you function. You also don't have to "compete" with the other students for attention or when needing help, as it's right there in front of you. You also won't feel pressured by other students, and you don't have to deal with judgmental people or forced to join "clicks". The downside is that you lose some social skills, as it's harder to connect to someone when you're not around a lot of people regularly. However, depending on each person depends on the outcome, so that downside may or may not be the case.

    Moving on, high school is a lot different than middle school. For starters, people are more understanding and less judgmental of you. While there are the occasional lowlifes, their numbers are far fewer than middle school, where they tend to swarm like locusts. You're not forced to join clubs or clicks that you don't want to be part of, people are smarter and less focused on "fitting in" than before, and it's easier to make friends, as shared interests can be quite commonplace. It's a lot easier to feel more like you belong in high school because social groups are not geared to highly specific "tastes", so you can meld more with those around you. Unlike middle school, the kids are a lot more mature and level-headed, not so stressed or hyped up, so the atmosphere is more relaxed. Again, you'll find the occasional jerk or two, but their numbers are far less, so the chances of running into one is low. And you can access classes that are not available to homeschoolers, like art, woodworking, and the like. The downside is that you won't get as much attention if you need it, since there are "other mouths to feed", so to speak. And it can be harder to stay focused and get better results. Plus, if you have special needs, they won't be tended to, or at least as much, which can make things difficult for you.

    Overall, I'd say high school yields better life-long results, especially since you lose some social ability when you're homeschooled (I should know, I have little, if any, social ability nowadays in the real world). Homeschooling often gives better results in grades and teacher/student relationships, which can be huge in many ways, but high school grants you special opportunities you can't get at home or in a library. While I did homeschooling throughout high school and even through college, yielding great grades, high honors, and various diplomas, I lost a lot, if not all, my social ability, becoming so paranoid and frightened of others due to the mistreatment I received in middle school I was unable to cope. But, I sincerely doubt you have the same reasons or problems as I did, so if I were you (and if I could do it over again), I'd say go with high school. It will yield the best life-long results. Experience is the best teacher, and high school can be a wonderful experience if one experiences it the way it's intended to be.
  8. Paperhorse's Avatar
    I think you should try high school. You'll make new friends, and you can join clubs! The classes might be hard at first, and you'll get a lot of homework, but once you adjust you will like it better.
  9. Ebail's Avatar
    I'd also recommend high school. It's a great way to make some good friends. Sure, it's not as comfy as doing things from your own home, but the experience for the social world can be great.


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