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I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you.

Holy shit

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Holy shit starters full evos official artwork leaked!


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  1. Oswin's Avatar
    you're sick
  2. Ebail's Avatar
    I agree with ^
  3. Fawkes.'s Avatar
    I concur
  4. Orion's Avatar
  5. S.S. Shadow Minun's Avatar
    That Chespin's final evo looks like Link from Legend of Zelda series.

    But, I bet they are all fake.
  6. Karisse's Avatar
    Tbh...they actually aren't half-bad, even if they are fake. o.o
  7. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Fennekin and Chespin's final evo's look too much like Fennekin and Chespin. And since gen IV Game Freak has gone out of their way to make the final evo's not look like logical evolutions of the base forms.


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