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Bulbaversary III

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Well... three years, I guess. It's not that special, but what is? Sticking in one community for so long has been an interesting experience, and, although I'm not as active as I probably should be around the forums, I'm still around, I guess (despite being on a break from the only forum I'm actually dedicated to on here). I've certainly grown as a member and a person since I've joined this forum, and I've undergone a lot of experiences which probably helped to mature me a little more (not all on BMGf, but whatever), although some would probably think of me as still immature... and I am, and I make no apology for that fact. I don't want to be grown up just yet: I'm not going to act in a way that makes me unhappy for the sake of those who take themselves far too seriously. My humour is a little dry, and perhaps my overall treatment of other people may leave a good bit to be desired, but you have to understand that nothing I do is intended maliciously. I just like to poke fun at other people.

However, this isn't a justification of my -- maybe unorthodox -- behaviour. This is a celebration of the past three years of my life on BMGf, as I've never celebrated a single Bulbaversary before. I've made a good number of friends over the years, some that I merely lost contact with. I joined initially for the RP sections on the forum, and I did spend a good couple of months doing what I did best then -- writing and being imaginative, skills which have probably been diminished over the years by some personal hardships I've gone through (those hardships largely being my own fault). A special shout-out goes to @The Anonymous; here, who was probably one of my most prominent friends in those early days of my time on BMG, and who came up with so many good ideas that I really loved. After what seems a short while in retrospect, I disappeared from BMG entirely, as I'd rediscovered something which took up a whole lot of my attention. I was to return to BMG full-time eight months later, sorely in need of support after going through what seemed like an emotional travesty back then. Now, though, I realise that it was my own perception of the events that made it more devastating for me than it was, and I've managed to let go and embrace my life as it is now, rather than reliving regrets and pain day in and day out.

I can't remember now what state of mind I was in, but it doesn't seem like a long time ago that I was stumbling back into the forums in February, where I took up 'residence', as it were, in the infamous large-scale RP, URPG. I won't lie, I did love it a lot. It engrossed much of my time, and I didn't think so much of what I was going through, or what I had gone through, and thus support was supplied to me, unbeknownst to the suppliers. Although there seems to be a widely-held opinion that the people in URPG are "that bunch" (disdainful sniff), they're functional in their own way, and, although they're not all as gentle or as kind as people would like, they're all great individuals with a fantastic community of their own. Ensnared by much of the entertainment -- between the game itself (for that's all it is) and the people -- I spent around a year and a half there after returning from my eight-month hiatus. I've always been one for overextending myself, and I found myself in many commitments after a while, although I find that I don't regret a thing. It was certainly better than sitting in my room and doing nothing all day. The summer of 2012 came, strangely enough, and URPG had died down. I was, as I understand it, relatively unpopular by then (probs bc i corrected ppl far too much), and, yes, I didn't really enjoy it as much as I had when I'd initially returned. In August '12, I departed from the URPG.

Intertwined with URPG from the summer of '11 was the War Room. I'd been interested in mafia for quite a while by that time, and, seeing that BMG had a place specifically for that sort of thing, I decided that it wouldn't be bad to try, and, in retrospect, it was a good idea. Mafia games have been keeping me going for quite a long time, and I'm still not actually tired by them (im more tired by the way that people decide to play tbqh, which is partly why im on a break), and I'm glad that I've had the ability to hone my skills at it -- sure, it's not really applicable in real life, but it doesn't hurt to be good at something that won't actually benefit you in a material way. I play for the enjoyment of it. For providing something special, I thank the War Room, and I'll continue to thank the War Room so long as I'm active there. Every person there is great in their own way, and it's nice to have met and to hopefully have become friends with most people there.

tl'dr ive been here for three years and done a few things lmao

Now, here's the part that most people skip to, just to see if they've got one of those cute little messages about how sweet and great they are (disclaimer: these arent long, coherent or meaningful):
@Alaskapigeon; We've lost contact since I left the URPG, but thank you for everything -- for standing up for me, for putting up with me, and for taking me under your wing when I clearly didn't have a clue what I was doing. If you're still around, you can VM me or something. I hope you're still keeping up the writing (esp that project with Kai-Mei: im expecting you to be bestsellers someday!!!!).
@Dinobot; i love u beebee!!!!!! like so much ty ily pmg
@SLCalamity; lol i dont evne like u kk whatever tho dont even talk to me
@Morru Magnum; je t'aime ok (thats french for i love u ok and since it's french it's x100 in meaning ok).
@The pokemaster; plz change ur username ur current one is dumb!! ily tho
@The Miz; we've been friends for 5ever, although i never really expected to be friends with you at all. i notice u went back to urpg, but thats ur choice and im happy as long as ur happy. dont be afraid to talk to me on skype ok??
@Scourge of Nemo; thanks for everything! i don't know if you check up on here anymore, but ily and i wish we could have gotten to know each other a little more bc you seemed amazing and cool (insane too). i hope you have a lot of luck and success with whatever you're doing :>
@Phantom Kat; I enjoyed our little talks from time to time, and I want to thank you, too, for everything in URPG. I don't know if you check here either, but, yeah, take this mention and wear it with pride.
@Kai-Mei; Okay, yeah, I don't know how much you care/don't care about this, but I sort of left the URPG after you telling me to do great things and leaving me with this legacy or whatever (and that Infernape). OOPS. I really liked talking to you, although I do remember being a little intimidated at one point, but you're genuinely nice in a clinically insane way. I think I said all of this before when you left. SO YEAH.
@WinterVines; and @ChainReaction01; mentioning you two together. You guys were completely amazing while I was in the URPG, and I love you two a lot (and i'm sure you two love each other, but that's another story for ten years down the line when you're both married with sixteen children). I miss talking to you both! I might drop on AIM for a while at some point, but, then again, probably not.
@Dog of Hellsing; hiya jess!!!
@Croag; I didn't ever expect to be as good friends with you as I actually am. When I first met you over a year ago (through Havendale 1, as I recall), I never really would've imagined that we could have gotten to know each other as much as we did, and it's surprising to think that our friendship has developed so much in just about a year or so.
@PkmnGreen; ur sexy and fun to talk to and i like complaining to u and i like listening to u complain and make fun of the way i say the owl, even tho ur propa scousa; catfood n cheese innit m8
@The Puppetmaster; ugh ew ew u ew ew
@Mako; ur not my father and i will reject you forever like do i even like u?? the answer: no!!!
@Zenax; hey sexy french canadian woman person thing object land man whale rhinoceros rex we dont talk much anymore but hey ur cool and good at things i like ppl who are good at things
@DrumBeats; yay!! ur sort of cool i guess... it's been cool gettin to know u n everythin l0l
@yourlilemogirl; I don't really talk to you that much. TALK TO ME MORE. plz im desperate for friends
@Akuraito; hehe
@FinalArcadia; yo babes i like u and ur really good mafia playr believe in urself more
@Neon Borealis; plz ask ^ out plz
@Paperhorse; ew
@Aestivate; come back and be with me and mother me!!!!! paperhorse is AWFUL
@Soulmaster; hey i like u plz talk to me more
@Luminosity; andrea luminosity why did u change ur username back??? it was much better the other way. anyway, plz have fun with what you're doing and i hope ur successful at ur goals of trying to wean urself away from things and all that yay okay this is a big mess i'll break it off here just know ily
@TheMissingno.; you seem to have faded out of the picture a lil bit... come and talk on skype more often?? or maybe it's me that needs to come on more?? idk cry TALK TO ME
@Mintaka; u get a nice lil song too. ur p!nk and i am the guy ):
@Mr. Fahrenheit; and @Hitomi; uncle and uncless (female uncle) whooty i love you both plz
@Fokko; ur annoying and u make me cry but i like u anyway sort of (;

Okay, that does it for personal messages, I think. Since I'm in a rush to get this finished off, and I can't think of anything half-decent to say for the rest of the people that I want to mention, so I'll just leave a massive pile of mentions around about here. if ur on this list, i like u a lot but im very lazy to say why:
@Burgundy; @EmBreon; @Smiles; @Momoka; @Fushimi; @Midorikawa; @Master Mew; @Shadows; @AmericanTreeFrog; @Monbrey; @gmandiddy; @Fierce Deity; @Aquanova; @Neosquid; @J J M; @Baron Dante; @Smasher; @Xali; @Fossil Fusion;

there are far too many people :< i dont have the strength for this

ANYWAY, thank you all for the past three years! It's been a blast and a half. Hopefully the good times can continue for me for as long as I'm still around on BMGf.


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    Happy bulbaversary Buoy!
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    Love you too buddy, drop onto AIM sometime and we'll catch up
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    Thanks, and Happy Bulbaversary, Buoy!

    Your presence (and humor) is missed in The War Room. XD
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