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Zombie Villager Conversion

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So last night I finished making my own NPC village and prepared to populate it with NPCs that are converted from zombie villagers. I was lucky enough to find a zombie spawner really close to the surface in our new building area, so my friend rigged up this really cool system where there is a track that goes around in a circle under the zombie spawner. So you put a bunch of minecarts down (5 or 6) and whenever a zombie spawns it will get in a cart. If it is a regular zombie you just kill it, but if it's a zombie villager, there is a switch that changes the track to a rail that leads to the new village.

I killed four zombie villagers in failed attempts. The first one was a proof of concept to see if I could get him to the village, and he burned in the sun upon getting there. The next two also burned in the sun because I wasn't careful enough, and the fourth despawned because I walked away from the area while he was converting. It takes 5 minutes for them to convert and you have to stand around them the whole time, can you believe that?

Anyway I got better at it, and now my town is fully populated with villagers. I really only had to convert 2, but I did 4 anyway because that would have just been too much inbreeding for me. I like to treat NPCs with as much respect as possible. I feel like being assholes to computer programs is going to piss off artificial intelligence when it becomes widespread and lead to a robot uprising, so I'd like to try to avoid that.

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  1. Setra's Avatar
    I understood until you started talking about pissing off a series of ones and zeros.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    I understood until you said "last."
  3. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Setra
    I understood until you started talking about pissing off a series of ones and zeros.
    Your mind can be broken down into a few chemical reactions and some weak electrical signals. If I don have to care about pissing off ones and zeroes then why should I care about pissing off a chemical reaction?
  4. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    It's okay, Stevey, I'm a wuss when it comes to video games, too.


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