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Compiling The X/Y Rumors: 2/6 Update

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Well, with a New Generation comes new rumors, and these are all the substantial ones I've come across. All of them seem to have come from 4chan, I think, but a few of these I saw on other sites first claiming they're from 4chan, so who knows where they originated.

I'm interested in any rumors being spread around the Japanese community as well, if any Japanese speakers could inform me of any. This list is two-fold...first, just to see some interesting ideas, and, if anything comes true, to possibly pinpoint other info within the rumor. Second, to help me plan my own awesome rumor I'll probably do later this year when the time is right. Cactowl Part II, baby!

Also, I'm not posting any of the fake scans since they've all been proven false...I'll post future ones I come across though. :P

Pocket Monsters XtraordinarY
Claim: Early information via promotional poster and character model sheets about Gen VI's Anime.
Source: Posted on 4chan. Poster claims it's from a friend who works at OLM.
Believability: 2/5. We did get information leaked from anime proto art pre-BW, but not THIS early. I'm not sure if the katakana for extraordinary is correct, but then again people pronounce it differently so who knows.
Confirmation: Contradicts the Ryuuvui rumor, as that claims the anime is called "X To Y". Won't have full discredit till the Anime Info comes in the Fall.

Claim: Movie 16 will star a Sentai Pokemon named Duskaman. Also X/Y has a "Call" and "P-Link" Battle feature.
Source: Posted on 4chan, claims to be from the March CoroCoro.
Believability: 3/5. The information is something that could logically be leaked this early, and nothing seems too crazy. It's also probably more or less what we'll see in March CoroCoro. The name of Duskaman seems weird for a Pokemon, though.
Confirmation: Directly contradicts the Ryuuvui rumor, which claims a different Pokemon is in Movie 16. Will be confirmed/proven false in a few days, though.

Claim: Movie 16 features a new Dragon Eeveelution with multiple forms, that evolves from Jolteon, Flareon, or Vaporeon. Also Series IV of the Anime is called "X To Y".
Source: Posted on 4chan, appears to be from March CoroCoro.
Believability: 1/5. Ryuuvui sounds unrealistic, and while we are getting a new Eeveelution for sure it seems, one that EVOLVES from other Eeveelutions seems unlikely. The title of the film also seems odd...none of the other films use katakana in the titles outside of the Pokemon names.
Confirmation: Directly contradicts Duskaman, and also goes against the other rumored anime title, XtraordinarY. Will be proven false later this week when we get the real March CoroCoro.

NOA "R.R. Martin Leak"
Claim: The final types of the Starters, the types of the Legendaries, and descriptions of 17 Pokemon "leaked" from an NOA localizer. Famously mentions the Legendary Typing inspired by A Song of Fire and Ice. Also "Cross-Breeding" is introduced.
Source: 4chan, but poster claims to be working on the XY Localization.
Believability: 1/5. Well, the games are being released worldwide, so a leak from an English source is far more likely than past-Gens. The information is pretty vague, no actual names posted, and the weird R.R. Martin claim (which, at the same time, is kind of a random thing to throw in if you want it to be believed), so it's harder to pinpoint compared to rumors with concrete names. Also, Thor's famous animal form in the Marvel comics was a Frog, so there's another bizarre pop-culture reference.
Confirmation: It's vague that it can't be totally disproven till we learn of the Legendary Typing, which should come soon, and even then there's a possibility those might end up being the actual types if the rumor poster gets lucky. And there's also the possibility of one of the other vague descriptions being close enough that when a Pokemon fitting the description pops up, people might think over this again.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Cross-breeding aesthetics would be the best feature.
  2. Miles101's Avatar
    Cross-breeding would be amazing. Which would mean I'd spend all my time making scientific abominations instead of actually playing the game xD
  3. Lugion's Avatar
    Cross-breeding? So I can finally make that Sceptile/Dragonair hybr-

  4. AlphaMouse's Avatar
    All this stuff sounds amazing, but it is too good to be true? I hope not.
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    XtraordinarY is my favorite one. But if we did have 4 main characters, I doubt Ash would be rotating. :c
  6. Silktree's Avatar
    Whenever I see a rumor, I can't help but think that you created it.
  7. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Ash in red leather radical
  8. Kouzan's Avatar
    Cross-breeding sounds really cool and so does XtraordinarY . Sounds it would have excellent characters. DUskman to me though sound like a weird name and would probably make the "fans who only love gen I" (you should know what term I'm talking about, thought I shouldn't use it ) complain more about how the "Pokemon look like Digimon now." and that name does sound like a Digimon imo so they would complain even more. But haters will hate.
  9. Garren's Avatar
    Update: This set of rumors seem to have all turned out false.

    * Duskaman and Ryuuvui are obviously fake, given they were said to be March's CoroCoro. Ryuuvui was right with there being a new Eeveelution, but that wasn't hard to guess.
    * Dogasu says the katakana for XtraordinarY is totally incorrect.
    * The "NOA Localizer" Rumor hasn't been entirely proven false, but it mentions no new types, and right now Sylveon seems to be possibly hinting that that's wrong.


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