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Pokemon Movie idea

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Of course it would be a Hollywood movie cause American film makers never ruined a Japanese IP before.

The plot: Miror B would be a fun loving pokemon trainer trying to escape his past as a Cipher admin and he meets the woman of his dreams but she doesn't like him at first but his life seems good until then his mother falls ill. Miror B. must when the new stadium grand cup to get the prize money to save his beloved mother. But a new villianious organization seeks to win the prize money to fund there plots and they are willing to cheat to do it. Luckily Miror B. meets Hilbert a traveling pokemon trainer from Unova and the two of them have to team up stop the bad guys and win the big prize.

The movie would simply be titled Miror B cause general audiences are smart enough to know it's Pokemon they don't need to put pokemon in the name just to get money or anything.

I could see the first part of the trailer now (epic serious music plays) music a stadium filled with cheering fans two badass men walk into the stadium throw pokeballs. A kingler fights a primeape. Suddenly all sorts of pokemon are fighting. A narrator "These are the most powerful and mystical creatures and the one who needs to push these creature to the limit and be hero worthy of the word is *record scratch* this Guy" (original miror B music plays)

Note: this is only 50 to 87 percent sarcastic

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    Never ruined a Japanese IP, but ruined plenty of American ones.
  2. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    @Incoming Mortar;

    Astro Boy Godzilla and Dragon Ball


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