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Somehow, I Knew Today Was Going to Suck.

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I was in a bit of a hurry when I was getting ready for school. I ate a couple of cookies (breakfast of champions, am I right?) and took a sip from a bottle of Lipton citrus green tea. I then shoved the bottle in my bookbag, in case I got thirsty during class. When I stepped outside to catch the bus, it was incredibly windy and I got pummeled by a flurry of wet snow. I sat down in the bus, placing my bookbag on my lap. I noticed that it was unusually damp, but I figured it was just snow and shrugged it off. My bus is extremely cramped, so there really wasn't anywhere else I could put the thing, anyway. I also noticed this strong odor that smelled a bit like sulfur. At first I thought someone had passed gas, but the smell persisted throughout the entire bus ride. When we pulled up in front of the school, I slung my bookbag over my shoulder and immediately noticed that my entire lap was soaking wet. Thus began the awkward walk down three hallways to my creative writing class as I prayed no one would think I peed my pants. I hid myself in a corner of the classroom, hoping my pants would dry by second period. I opened my bookbag to pull out my bottle of green tea... and it was completely empty. Somehow, the lid had become unscrewed and the thing spilled all over everything in the two biggest compartments of my bookbag... and that included my gym clothes, and the book I had to read for English. And it smelled absolutely rank. I don't think I want to know why the green tea I was going to drink smelled like rotten eggs. Yeah, it was a pretty fun day. I had to explain to my English teacher that my book and annotations had been ruined, and then I had to go through gym class wearing a thick sweatshirt (luckily we were only playing table tennis, but it was still rather uncomfortable). Well, at least tomorrow's Friday.

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    Sorry bro. :c


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