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Gah Subs takin- GAAH

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I don't want to take Japanese I hear it's really hard. But the sub still hasn't gotten to the freakin VIRGIL DEBUT. Can someone who is caught up explain to me why Ash is still in Unova if they even gave an explanation because I understand they want to write a team plasma story I get that I support that but Ash never really dedicated himself to vigilantism sure he helped stop people when he around but not like he took time off his schedule to locate and apprehend villainous teams he's just not a bystander is all.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    I think he's still in Unova to go see Reshiram at the White Ruins.
  2. Pain Split's Avatar
    I think people only think Japanese is hard because they always compare it to English when the two are so different. If they stopped thinking about English rules, it would probably be easier.
  3. Silktree's Avatar
    Ash wanting to see Reshiram is just an excuse, since he's never shown so much interest in finding a legendary Pokémon. It's nothing more than a lame plot device; it also implies that Movie 14 isn't canon as otherwise Ash wouldn't be nearly that excited about Reshiram.
  4. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Just fill in the character's lines with your own dialogue. That's what I do.


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